Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purse Dump, One Year Later

About this time last year I participated in a purse dump, and I have to say, not much has changed since then. My motives for this post are a little different though. My friend Amy shared a link-up contest on her blog, and I figured I enjoyed writing my last purse dump post, so why not do it again and enter to win a free purse?

The most obvious similarity with last year is ... I have the same "purse." It's my skip hop duo diaper bag. This faithful thing has supported me for more than four years. I'm a big fan of skip hop, and I'm super excited to finally be upgrading to a much bigger and more purse-like skip hop diaper bag. I'll have to share pictures of it once I move all my things in and figure out exactly what I'll do with all that extra space!

The most obvious change is I'm now packing this thing for three kids instead of just two (or one, back when the bag was brand new). But somehow I've managed to have even less stuff in it now than I did a year ago. I suppose that's because I'm always taking stuff out when I need it for home use (like keys, wallet, phone, water bottles, etc).

These three items are all that was in those two front pockets:
1. A stretch island fruit leather snack I meant to eat at Church (I'm always hungry when I breastfeed), but never did get a chance to enjoy. 2. YMCA stickers from Reid's last tumbling class. 3.A Panera receipt from our family's trip to Panera on Monday night. I never keep receipts, but I keep meaning to register our Panera rewards card and I need a receipt to do so.

I actually wasn't sure what I'd find hiding under that aiden and anais blanket/burp cloth in that big middle pocket. But it wasn't much:
an extra outfit for each kid and my meal planning/grocery list/to do item notebook. Reid's outfit is without pants because I took them out last weekend when I didn't have a burp cloth, but needed one ASAP.

The top of the skip hop duo has two zipper pockets. One is deeper than the other, and the two pressed together magnetize to hold the big, main pocket shut. I keep my diapering items in the deeper of the two pockets and my personal items in the smaller. 

I'll have to restock size 6 diapers for Nell before we go out again. All I've got is three size 2's for Coraline. I can easily fit six small diapers in this bag. One of the best things about it. 

I never have much in my own personal pocket. Just a little first aid kit, some hair needs (for me and Nell), my favorite chap stick and a travel size container of my favorite lotion. I've always been pretty bare bones when I pack a bag, whether it's a day-to-day purse or a suitcase for our entire family's two week stay in Utah, I prefer to travel light.

I do routinely have snacks and water bottles in the diaper bag. And when we're out my wallet goes in the main pocket, my keys belong in one of the front pockets, and the side has an easy access phone pocket.

Anyway, it was kind of fun for me to do this super lame post before I say goodbye to this trusty old bag. Wish me luck in winning the lily jade contest. It'll be the first hashtag I ever use in my life. Big deal. I know.

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