Friday, February 27, 2015

My Dear Nell, at 29 months

I'm posting this monthly update late (a month late, to be exact), so it will be brief. Just some goofy things Nell says and a smattering of all the pictures I've taken of her this month.

Mispronunciations we love
Burp cloth = burp clop
hyenas = chyneas (chi-ne-azs she totally sounds racist and it shocks me how often she needs to refer to the "bad guys" from the Lion King in public).
yogurt = yogeret, one of her favorite breakfast foods
YMCA = y-m's-z-a

She's finally started saying "done" instead of "dumb" and "cup cakes" instead of "cap cups." Oh the giggles her mispronunciations have caused. "You dumb mommy, you dumb?"

Catch phrases
"I'm Back!" when she enters a room, or "Suprise" when you enter a room she's already in.
"Is okay," her idea of comforting you, said in the least sympathetic voice ever.
"Dat's a good idea mama?" I picture her head titled, shoved right into my face when she asks this question. I'll make this huge mess even though we just picked it up, "dat's a good idea mama?" I rarely counter, cause she's so darn cute!

I can't decide which pirate princess picnic picture I like best, so you get several of them. This girl loves pretend picnics and dress ups. 

My Valentines
Reid is her best buddy in the whole wide world. It's sweet how much she loves him and wants to be with him, all. the. time.

Her most creative dress ups don't come from our dress up collection. They come from the front closet, our pretend bin, and Coraline's nursery toys. Mom's winter hat; toy binoculars, keys, wallet, and phone; and giant clown shoes -- all set to go!

I love her "cheese" face.
She's still sucking her thumb and twirling her hair to sleep. She tuckered out on the couch one day, after lots of play time with Reid and one of his little buddies.


Claudia said...

Her second to the last photo really looks like Reid to me!! I love her vocabulary and just wish I were closer to hear it on a daily basis! What a cute little lady Miss Nellie Bellie is!

Claudia said...

Actually, the second to the last photo also reminds me of her mom's smile!!

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