Thursday, February 26, 2015

Deep Breathes

So, a lot has happened the last few days.

A lot.

In hindsight, I kind of regret that I haven't blogged every day this year. I needed the break. The relief. But, like always, there have been a few blog post ideas running through my mind and without the pressure to post everyday I never found the motivation to share my feelings.

And now, after the events of the past few days I can never capture those impressions with the innocent, authentic voice I wish I had presented. Sometimes, I just wish I could go back and re-experience previous thoughts. Simple thoughts. Even thoughts I tried to push out of my head, because I didn't realize God was the one forcing me to contemplate them. Sometimes big things have to happen before we realize the power of a simple little thought.

On Tuesday, I babysat for one of my friends. I've had a hard time making friends in Oshkosh. I have friends, that's not what I'm getting at. And this whole topic is likely a post for another day, but this friend is dear to me for several reasons.

I love her kids.

And Tuesday, when her two youngest were in my home I just had the simplest little impressions. Mainly, "Gees, I thought Reid was a loving big brother, but he's got nothing on Benny. That boy is a lover."

And as for the baby sister he loved so freely. I found it so ironic I could get her to sleep, coo, smile, and relax so much easier than my own little newborn. I'd still classify my babies as easy, but Elenora was just a little miracle of happiness and laid back ease I've never witnessed in someone so small.

I don't understand God. I just don't. I know He is my father, and I know He gives His children what we need, even at the cost of withholding what we want. I know Christ can succor those who suffer. And I know that is a heavy burden He so willingly took on.

I've never, never mixed this blog with finances. But if you feel inspired, any amount will help my dear friend and her three young children at this time. Aaron Orr Memorial Fund

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Mom said...

So sorry sis. Such a sad thing to happen to a little family.

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