Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reid, 4 years and 4 months

There isn't much to update on Reid. At his age monthly changes aren't so drastic. He still loves Legos. And that giant white piece is the best addition we've ever made to our Lego collection. It's part of Nell's Cinderella castle.

I've decided to revamp our preschool time. Maybe I should say revitalize. Because let's be honest, I took a maternity leave on preschool. Yes, even stay at home mom's get a maternity leave of sorts. It's mostly offered via TV. The kid has watched a lot of TV during the hours of 12:30 to 2:00 each day.

But I'm hoping to start filling that time with two things. One, board and card games; and two, read aloud chapter books.

We have a couple of cooperative board games from Peaceable Kingdom and I love playing them with him. We also have a basic jenga and go fish game that we play from time to time. I think the Easter Bunny will put a different version of Spot It in his and Nell's baskets, so we should have enough games to play a different one each day of the week.  

As for the books, I plan on starting Charlotte's Web this week. He has been requesting our longest stories each night (usually princess books) and doesn't seem to mind when there are limited pictures, so hopefully the chapter book idea works. I figure I can still feed Coraline while reading to Reid, so it's the perfect solution for our quiet time.

I'll save the art stuff for when Nell is awake. Yesterday she climbed up on the table and demanded an "art project."  They painted side by side and this was Reid's final masterpiece. It is hanging above my bedside lamp. I couldn't be prouder (and neither could he)!

I am the biggest one, Coraline is in my arms. Ben is next to me, then Reid, and Nell is squished on there right at the end. I seriously love it!

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