Friday, February 20, 2015

Coraline's Two Month Check Up.

Coraline has hit most the major milestones you expect for a two month old. She's smiling and chuckling several times each day. 
February 9th, just after the six week mark. 

  • Her eyes follow her toys when you move them around her head. 
  • She's started sucking her thumb, but still needs more practice before she's an expert at that. 
  • She has occasionally slept through the night (a full 11-12 hours), but only wakes up once (around 4:30) on the nights she needs a little snack. 
  • She has great head control (but had that since birth).
  • She knows when a feeding is about to happen and squirms with excitement when I pull up my shirt. 
  • She is starting to form a regular morning schedule, nap included, but loves to be held while sleeping in the afternoon (aka, won't sleep for more than 15 minutes in the afternoon unless she is held -- but I don't mind that). 

Things unique to her?
  • She still spits up constantly, and often has strange colors or consistencies in her spit up.  
  • She loves to pacify, sans pacifier if you catch my drift.
  • She's the only baby I've ever bed-shared with. I have a strong dislike of bed-sharing (before about 18 months), for several reasons, but somehow she's found her way in to our bed a few times. 
  • She weighs 14 lbs and 5 ounces, putting her in the 97th percentile (a small dip from her usual 99%).
  • She is 25 inches long, maintaining her solid 100%, and outpacing either of her siblings for height. 
  • The nickname I've stumbled on is Coralina-Lou (and sometimes I throw on a Lou-Lou-Bell for good measure).  
We love her beyond measure and are so grateful she's part of our family. Nell loves wiping up her spit up and Reid loves speaking affectionately toward her. Mom and Dad love the snuggles!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Mom said...

What cute photos!! Love the one where she is giggling and the one where she is sleeping! She is rapidly changing that is for sure! Give her some kisses from me!

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