Thursday, February 19, 2015

Some Videos from this Week

I keep finding myself enjoying ordinary moments with my kids and wishing I could share them with someone else who loves them as much as I do. It almost seems unfair, that I get to enjoy so many of the little details while Ben's working hard to provide for us. At the very least we should have a Grandma or Grandpa (or aunt or uncle) who gets to be part of our day to day lives. But we don't, so I just take videos and hope that in some small way it will make me feel less selfish about having my kids all to myself.

Our first video was Sunday afternoon. Ben was out visiting members of our congregation with the Bishop. Here's how Reid felt about the situation:

It was the sweetest thing. He'd been sobbing for minutes before I filmed this, and I didn't even know he was going to walk into the room holding that picture. I actually cut the film because I felt my own eyes welling up a little bit. I sure wish he could see more of his best buddy. 

A large package arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Reid didn't care about what was inside. He quickly took the box away and started destroying it. He had so much energy to burn off. First it was a rocket ship and then a bridge. Next it was a coloring canvas, and then a wall to be run down. Finally, it was our shield as we attacked Ben with marshmellows when he came home from work. The marshmellow scene happened so quickly I didn't get a video of it, but here's what I did get:

I cut this video short too soon. Right after Reid's evil laugh he very simply said "they really do." We love boxes! And I had to do that "Oh no, it's dangerous" gig a hundred times. 

I'm cursing myself for taking this last video vertically. Sorry. But it's too cute to pass up. Nell loves to read books all by herself. Even when I read books to the kids she sits next to me with her own book on her lap and flips through it's pages, reciting the story as best she can. Judge for yourself how well she's memorized this space book:

In case you missed that, the objects in our solar system are Saturn, Moon, and China. And an Earthquake is a "very strong move", and apparently they happen regularly in Jupiter's storm spot. Gosh I love her!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute...

Mom said...

Wish Reid could see more of his daddy!! Perhaps the Bishop will see this post!!! Yes, boxes are the best and most creative toy ever! And, yes I could understand Nell, but perhaps it is because I read it first! Cute videos of cute grand children!

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