Monday, March 23, 2015

Day #5, Reasons I Love Blogging

Okay, you may have guessed by my titles that my original intent was to write five posts in five days that all contained a list of five things united by a common theme. I was in a blogging slump and, like a child, I needed some structure to get me out of it!  But then my phone didn't co-operate, so my photo post put me behind schedule, and then this last post just flustered me.

Five reasons I know there is a God? Five pop culture references? reviews? recommendations? Five ... what?

Well, since the whole point was to revitalize the blog, I give you five reasons I love blogging.

1. My blog is a thought dump. It's a place I come to dump some of my crazy, random thoughts. And I need something like that in my life.
2. This blog contains a history of my life. It tells the story of me. My growth, my experiences, my perfectly beautiful and messy life. I love this record.
3. It helps me share my daily living with my parents. I could send texts, e-mails and whatever else, but I've found blogging to be my favorite medium for sharing life with those I love who are far away.
4. Blogging reminds me to capture moments. I often see my kids doing something and think "take a picture, you'll want to blog about this." Half the time I don't, but I'm still grateful blogging has taught me to pause and really think about the life I am living.
5. I need to write. I've always enjoyed writing, and though I am far from the height of my writing abilities (oh college Liz, what happened to you?), blogging helps me maintain this hobby I so deeply love.

So no matter how many slumps I go through this year ... I'm not giving up on you my precious little blog!

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