Monday, March 16, 2015

Day #4, Embrace the Ordinary

My friend Amy is hosting a link up titled "Embrace the Ordinary" thru Lent. I've really enjoyed her posts, and others in the the series. So today I bring you five ordinary pictures captured on my phone last Wednesday and Thursday (because I originally planned on posting this on Friday, with Amy).

Reid, before his swimming class last Wednesday.

Coraline, sleeping peacefully during Reid's swimming class. 

"Blast Off!" Notice the wonderful map Daddy drew, asteroid belt included. 

The sweet face of a cupcake eater. I made 48 last Thursday, everything from scratch. They were delish.

Back story for this photo: 
I was putting Coraline down for her mid-day nap, and I asked Nell to go get a book. She quickly shrilled "I don't need a nap!" She cried, while repeating the phrase several times, but I insisted she go pick a book without making any threats of a nap. 
Once Coraline was fast asleep I went and helped Reid clean all the dry beans off his bedroom floor. He'd been in there for about 20 minutes because I refused to let him out before every last one was put back in his concrete mixer. 
Imagine it, I had Nell screaming "No Nap!" from the nursery and Reid screaming "this is too hard!" from their bedroom. And all I wanted to do was get the baby to sleep!
Anyway, Reid was calm as soon as I entered the room. He still had to pick up each bean by himself, but my mere presence gave him the courage he needed to get the job done. So once he was calm I went to check on Nell and her progress with finding a book. I found her passed out on the front room floor. 

To many, my life is simple. Totally ordinary. But I contend, that even in these simplest moments, it is extraordinary. 


Claudia said...

Embrace those 'extraordinary' grandchildren of mine! Love the photos! Love the children even more!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pix...

Amy @ Motherhood and Miscellany said...

I love the photos! The story with the last one is perfect. And your last sentence is spot on :) Thanks for linking up!

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