Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day #3, Funny Things My Kids Say

Alright, I blew it, I couldn't write five posts in five days. I drafted this on Thursday but struggled with a second funny thing for Reid. Most his funny comments are slightly inappropriate. What can I say, he's a very curious boy.

I've decided I need to write down more of the adorably silly things my kids say each month. I was thinking I could use them for their monthly updates last month, but you may have noticed I never published those. Ooops. So here are a few, on day three of my five posts in five days.

1. The kids and I were all in the nursery one afternoon, over a month ago. I was feeding Coraline, Reid was playing a Lego game on my phone, and Nell was playing with her Rody. She put a wash cloth up to its mouth and said "My pony is sick. He throwed up. I'm cleaning him." Scrub, scrub.

I replied, with a wide smile, "Oh, you're such a good mommy to take care of him!" Meanwhile, we both watched Reid wander off with my phone.

Knowing she'd want to follow him (and they might get into a fight over my phone) I decided to follow up, "How's your pony? You should check his heart," thinking she'd go get her Dr kit and I could keep her away from Reid and my phone for a minute.

Not being fooled by my distraction, she grabbed the Rody by the ears, looked at the heart on his forehead and declared "He's dead" in the most matter of fact, unconcerned voice. Then she ran off after Reid. I can't remember if they fought or not. But I know I'm never going to see her over a mild stomach flu!

2. One day, as serious as could be, Reid asked, "Is one for breathing and one for sneezing?" while rotating his pointer finger through each nostril.

3. Nell always helps Ben get dressed when he comes home from work. One night I could hear them talking in our room and she came running out to find me, "Mama! Thank you for washing daddy's turkey shirt so he could wear it!" Then she ran right back into our room, as if his clean turkey shirt was the most exciting thing to happen to her all day long. She really loves his turkey shirt(s).

4. I won't go into all the specifics here, but one morning Reid performed a lengthy monologue about my breasts. Words like "refrigerator" and "pipes" were used to help him try and process the miracle of breastfeeding. It was adorable and awkward, and awkward is funny ... so I mostly just let him ramble on and on without any interruptions or corrections.

5. One day in Church, Ben and Nell had the following conversation (he often shaves on Sunday morning).

Nell: "Where'd your mustache go Daddy?"

Ben: "I don't know, where'd it go?"

"I cut it off and threw it in the garbage."

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because it's dangerous."

Ever since that encounter she is always telling him she's gonna throw his mustache into the garbage. 

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Anonymous said...

Love those cute kids. Give them a hug from Grandpa!

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