Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Perfect Medicine

I took the kids to the park today; it was the best medicine. 

First, Reid had his final swim lesson at the YMCA. On the last day of class they open up the slide, so we went early and raced down several times before his lesson began. A couple of Senior women came down after us. I hope I'm as jolly and lively when I'm their age. 

I soaked in the hot tub once his class started. It's been over a year, I thought, as I dipped my toes in that wonderful pool of warm water. I love hot tubs. They soothe all the aches in my body, which makes it all the more ironic that I can't enjoy them while I'm pregnant. 

We left the Y and headed to a park on the other side of town. We met a couple friends for a picnic and some play time. All the slides were missing, which was really weird. But the big boys just wanted to play in the dirt anyway. 

Sitting outside, in near 60 degree weather, chatting with a couple of friends, rejuvenated my soul. I am not being dramatic here. Fresh air -- cool, breathable air --was medicine racing through my body. I've always been a seasons girl. I prefer the weather changes to the constant heat wrapped around the equator ... but the Midwest just might change my perspective. 

These winters are brutal. Several people I know who have spent their whole lives in the area have true blue Seasonal Depression, and I totally understand why. If these kind of winters were the only ones I'd ever known, I'm certain I'd need a prescribed medication to aid me until Spring. 


Anonymous said...

Watch out for that depression, sis. Loved the Coraline photo. She is so pretty and getting so big.

Claudia said...

Yes, nothing like a nice day in the great outdoors to rejuvenate one's soul! Hope spring is on its way for you! Cute photo of lil Coraline and her big brother Reid!

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