Friday, March 27, 2015

Nell Belle, 30 months

Did you miss Nell's 29 month update? You did? Well, that's because I just wrote it today! I had too many adorable pictures from last month, squishing them all in today just didn't feel right. Don't miss my adorable pirate princess, check out last month's update here.


Nell had her 30 month check up today. She was off the charts for size and communication skills. Seriously, that girl talks like a four-year-old.

Today she weighed in at 36.6 lbs, on Monday she weighed 38.4 -- this ear infection has seriously drained her appetite. She is 37 inches tall.

Sometimes, but rarely, she lets me do her hair. It's so rare I quickly snap pictures of it before she tears it out. 

She wants to be like Reid when she grows up. Seriously, that girl loves her brother. She wanted him to comfort her when she was sick.

She's still the messiest eater. 

Independence is her thing. "I'll do it all by myself," or a shrill "Noooo! Don't help me!" are common phrases around here. But for all her independence, "hold me, hold me" is another common phrase. She loves to be held and almost always demands you dance with her once she's in your arms.

She's a real entertainer at Church. People always comment on how spunky she is and how frequently she can make everyone laugh. A favorite comment from church was "I love her eyes. You can just see the mischief in them." Thanks?

As a middle child, she totally has the sibling thing all figured out. She'll push Reid as hard as she can, and the moment he lightly turns her away she screams "Reid pushed me!" In fact, nearly every time she yells that Reid's done something naughty I ask "did you _____ first?" The answer is almost always "yes" or a stoic stare. 

Stoic is actually a pretty good word to describe Nell. Whenever she is disciplined she just stares you down. Tears don't erupt until she has her back to me (or Ben) and is walking down the hall to her room. Sometimes she even saves her screams until she reaches her bed. But she is two, and a girl, so there is still plenty of time for drama and sass. 

This past month has been a good one for her and Coraline. She wants to hold her baby sister every day and often pats her on the head and gives her kisses. She baby talks to Coraine regularly, "gootchy goo Co-wa-wine!" The jealousy seems to be fading. 

We sure love our little Nelly Belly. My favorite moment of each day is putting her down for her nap. It's really the only time the two of us have together -- without anyone else. I read her a couple stories and then she rolls over and throws half her body on top of me "snuggle!" We spend a few minutes snuggled up like that and I just gaze at her innocent little smile. Her eyes are closed and she's sucking her thumb, her body is still over mine. I almost think she's trying to convince me she's asleep and her meager 36 pounds is enough weight to trap me in her bed. It's so sweet. The crying that follows every time I leave isn't as sweet. But I love her nonetheless. 


Anonymous said...

What a cute write up about my Nellie Bellie! Love that girl. Spunk!!

Claudia said...

Oh how we love our lil 'stoic' Nell Belle! Just wish she lived closer so we could get some of her loves!

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