Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reid, 4 years and 5 months

Oh my gosh I'm lazy. I'm so super lazy. I wrote up a post for Reid last month and then just never published it because I was too lazy to go get the SD card out of our camera and add some pictures to the post. Wow. But also, I'm super lazy because I refuse to just delete that post. So I'm going to post it today, but on the accurate date. Which is confusing, but that means a month old post is actually showing up for the first time, today. Read it if you'd like.

I'm also too lazy to write another elaborte update when there is a perfectly good, month old one hanging out in my draft section. So this month will be brief.

Reid has loved playing with his best buddy, and wishes he could come over every day.

He's also very excited about Spring and being outside without the snow again (yes, my boy who loves the snow even grew tired of it). 
Exploring the rushing springs that run through our neighborhood.

Our first hot dog roast.
He's also really into experiments and inventions lately. He loves playing at the sink -- those are his experiments; and drawing elaborate machines -- his inventions. He seems to be really science minded and I'm curious to see how that keeps up as he gets older.

We're working really hard on eliminating whining and screaming. He's also been practicing saying "hi, how are you?" to people when they greet him (instead of hiding behind me or screaming at their face). Despite his flaws, we sure are grateful for every month we have with Reid. 


Anonymous said...

Love my adorable boy! He is growing up much too fast.

Claudia said...

Perhaps he will be a 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'! Wish we could have been there for the first hot dog roast of the year!

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