Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another Fabulous Week

How cute are these two? 
No matter how warm it is, if there's wind Nell wants a winter hat on. Silly girl. 
And Reid kept a couple of the bones from those pork ribs -- for his collection, of course. 

Our garden is their favorite outdoor play space. 
I'm thinking I'll have to leave a little square un-planted. That construction site has kept them awfully busy this Spring. 

They also love exploring.
Their big find (this day) was baby spiders. Hundreds of baby spiders. 

We watched two extra kids a couple times this week. 
On Thursday these sweet boys found a fishing magazine in the mailbox. 
It kept their attention for quite a while. 
At one point they were even snuggling each other as they flipped through the pages. 
Love little four-year-old boys.

Not exactly the best way to feed a goat, she may have gotten nipped just a little bit.

Look at that concentration! Or maybe he was modeling the preferred outcome? Not sure, but he was in heaven feeding all the goats and Llamas.

After our trip around the Zoo we had a picnic play date at the park. 
It was so nice to meet up with a couple friends and enjoy the beautiful day. 
I love getting some adult conversation in between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. 

Ben spent most his weekend working on our scraggly pine tree. 
A friend cut it down for us on Friday afternoon. Reid and I watched from the front porch. It fell into the street, but they got it out pretty quickly. 
Reid and Ben counted the rings, it was 35 years old (and about that many feet high).  
We have a ton of fire wood, if you need any. 

This week just sped right passed us. I had every intention of running half a dozen errands on Monday, but one child was napping at almost every point in the day. I tried again on Tuesday, when I had a couple extra kids, but I couldn't get our extra seat into the van (no amount of hitting or cursing seemed to help). So we put off the errands for one more day. Finally, finally on Wednesday we got out of the house and completed all seven of my drive thru errands. It felt like such an accomplishment. Bills, library returns, dry cleaning, rec department registration, and more -- what I set out to do on Monday finally got done on Wednesday. It was that kind of week.

Thursday and Friday sped by just as quickly. Most our time was filled with friends (babysitting extra kids) and outdoor play (zoo/picnic play date). So the kids were in heaven. Friday evening we had a lovely cookout on the lake. Ben helped some friends move a couple weekends ago, so they invited us to their cottage as a Thank You. It was wonderful and the kids loved walking up and down the dock. Today we attended two graduation parties in a near by town. Reid and Nell really have been over the moon with all the parties and fun activities. Hopefully they don't get use to all the entertainment. 

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about the pine tree...
Smart Nell for wearing a hat. Doesn't she get earaches really easily? If so, that's the very best thing she can do.
Loved the photo fest...

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