Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reid at 55 months

Just yesterday I was counting my lucky stars that Reid is four and a half, and not three. Three is such a difficult age, isn't it? 

He doesn't throw a fit when I tell him it is time to leave. He doesn't cry when his friends want to take a break from play time.  

One of the biggest changes I've seen has come in friendship. When we were at the (zoo) park this week he really wanted to keep track of the two buddies he came with. And he played so nicely with them. There was no need for any adult coaching. He even included Nell in their play. I don't want to get too confident too soon, but it kind of made me feel like maybe he is learning something from all his past experiences and our heartfelt chats. 

He has always liked to talk about his feelings and I do think he is learning to manage them better. His improved public social skills are the only notable changes I remember from this month. Everything else is pretty much the same. Below are some pictures of his latest builds and imaginations. 

"Mom, do you like the Zoo me and Nell made?"

"Look, it's our family at the Zoo. You are feeding Coraline."

He has spent hours and hours in our garden. 

This is his homemade X-Wing fighter. Puppy is the pilot. 
Oh, have I mentioned he is in love with Star Wars?

He completed this puzzle and named him Skeletor. 

Putting out fires at the Building for Kids.

He made this structure all by himself. 

In case you missed it, I asked him to wiggle his little bummy.
He did, and then he said, "Can we get back to work?" 

He is definitely in the stage where he is bonding with and mimicking the same sex parent. He thinks he and Dad do all the big important things around the house. I'm grateful he has such a good role model to follow. 


Anonymous said...

Loved "Mom feeding Coraline." What a hoot...
Not so sure I approve of running over the frog -- dead or alive...
Served him right to get high centered...

Claudia said...

What a cute little 'Reid Weed' you have growing in your garden!!! Loved his little bum shake and the words: "can we get back to work now!" Too funny!

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