Monday, May 18, 2015

The Non Picture Events of Last Week

For the third year in a row we went to the Touch a Truck Event. I just re-read our 2014 visit (which will link you to our 2013 visit), and I can say this year was much, much better! I remember feeling frustrated last year, but I'd totally forgotten how bad it really was. Shesh!

The lines were much shorter, I'm guessing the chilly morning air deterred a lot of people. I warned the kids about the horns and the lines, and we established some ground rules (no picnic until we see all the trucks, no getting in and out of lines -- pick a truck and stick with it, etc). Reid wanted to see the Army truck first. Really, it was a police car because obviously if you're one of the top ten safest communities in the country you need a bomb squad. Obviously. 

He told me his favorite truck was the garbage truck (third year in a row!). He also really liked the big concrete crane. Every year they have one huge truck no one can sit in (usually a crane of sorts). But as we were finishing up the concrete operator lowered the pour spout and let Reid move it around. He was in heaven. 

He asked every driver at least one question. "Have you picked up logs with that front end loader?" "How do you get the car on there? (tow truck) "How does the garbage get into the hopper?" He asked both the street sweeper and garbage truck driver that last question. We actually crawled under the front end of the street sweeper and got a good look at the conveyor belt that carries the garbage from the street to the hopper. It was really cool to see up close and personal.

Oh my gosh, I'm hearing what I'm saying and I can't believe this is my life. I know so much about trucks, things I never would have cared about if it weren't for Reid. Having kids is so much fun. 

My favorite part of the day was the picnic. With fewer people at the event the park wasn't crowded and the kids actually got to play on all the equipment. We found our friends (same ones as last year) and spent more than 90 minutes at the park. Seriously, the whole day was a three hour event. And I loved it. I loved getting out of the house for the bulk of our day, especially because we were spending quality time together and not just running errands. 

My friend and I lamented this year as our last. Once the boys go to school we'll no longer have the ease of just going out and about whenever we want. It's going to be weird. But I'm really thankful for these four and half years I've had to be home with my kids, and to have them home with me. It's emotionally draining and stress eating has taken a toll on my body, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

That said, I couldn't wait to get out of the house sans kids this week. I had three big outings and it was fabulous. On Tuesday I drove 30 minutes to a town much like the one I grew up in. I loved the drive out into the country, so beautiful. The time to myself was needed (after two rough nights with a teething infant). . I went to see one of the young women from Church perform in her last HS Band Concert. A friend was kind enough to join me. I loved everything about the evening. The performance was great and the young woman even had a solo at the end. 

On Thursday our ward Relief Society had a social event. It was the Friendship Express and we basically speed dated each other. It was fun to have a quick, intimate chat with so many women I love and respect. Plus there was yummy food. And no kids. I mostly go because of the no kids thing.

In fact, on Saturday I even confided in a friend that I didn't want to be at our annual Stake (diocese) Relief Society social, but the thought of having five hours without Reid and Nell was just so fabulous I couldn't pass it up. I did take Coraline for that, but she was a treat to tote around solo.

There were two break out sessions, and I choose to attend one on marriage and one on obedience and God's promised blessings. Both were fabulous. Coraline pooped so loud everyone heard it and needed a change of clothes during the marriage session, but I still got lots of good info from the presentation.

After the mini classes we had a little craft time. I tried something I've never done before (the other option was modge podge temple pictures). Now I just have to figure out how and where to hang it.

The event ended with a fancy lunch. I could have eaten my weight in salad. I've been loving salads lately and the one they offered did not disappoint.

Last week really was grand, here's to another beautiful one! 

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