Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am Conservative

Today, as I was hauling buckets of water across my yard, I contemplated just how conservative I am. The water was from our backyard pool (Reid filled it to the brim for hours of splashing fun), and I was transferring the water 70 yards, in a couple of buckets, to our fruit trees. It wasn't hard work, but it sure wasn't easy. It would have been much easier to dump all those gallons of water on to my nice, green lawn before turning the hose on my trees. But I am conservative. Note, I do not live in a region that experiences drought; we maintain our own well. Yet, my love of conserving precious resources had me lugging those buckets back and forth across my lawn (it took seven trips, two buckets at a time).

We have four fruit trees (the goal is to eventually have six). We have a 23x17 square foot vegetable garden. Our basement is full of food and non perishable overstock items -- preparing ourselves for any sort of personal financial emergency or natural disaster.

I support marriage between one man and one woman, and I believe, by law, they should vow to be fiercely loyal to one another. I believe sex should be reserved for such a marriage, thus eliminating almost any need for an abortion.

If ever in office, I would support abortion reforms. I would support a bill that would cut Federal spending by half. Half! I would support a balanced budget amendment.

I love religion. I love guns. I love my country.

I am conservative.

And yet, I don't identify at all with the Republican party.

I am a conservationist.

I believe the current fight for "traditional marriage" is one of the most blatant forms of hypocrisy our country has ever seen. I know the best way to reduce our abortion rate is not anti-abortion laws or protests. Abstinence only education does not work.

My balanced budget would cut all subsidies to any corporation or commodity that generates a profit. Almost all your tax deductions would be gone.

I want a country that takes care of it's poor. Better yet, a country that doesn't have any poor.

If our country stopped shedding blood and spreading arms across the globe, I believe we'd reap what we sow here on our own soil.

So yes, my life choices are just about as conservative as it gets -- but I don't identify at all with the Republican party. I know I'm just one lousy voter, but I think it is something they should consider. I abhor their policies, yet I'd make the perfect recruit.


Dad said...

Interesting! I'm glad one of my four children thinks with a clear mind!!! My only exception to your thoughts is your love of guns. I abhor them and think our laws are absolutely crazy. I am totally anti NRA. They are a huge powerful lobby and one to be feared in my estimation... I'm probably a little more liberal with abortion too, but other than that, we're pretty compatible.

Liz Szilagyi said...

I abhor the NRA. I think they are sooooooooo evil. Just want to clear that up. I think guns have a place and an important use ... but my reap what we sow comment was the flip side of loving guns. If we weren't so gun/weapon happy we wouldn't have the shootings we have. It really is that simple. We could do away with a large percentage of the guns/weapons we produce and be JUST FINE!!!

Claudia said...

Amen sista!

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