Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What is the worst that could happen?

I've been contemplating the fear culture that we live in. It's exhausting. It isn't enough that the media (which I try my hardest to ignore) is always touting fear, but I feel like so many members of my own faith thrive on fear.

Well tonight, as I loaded the kid's dinner plates, I thought, as if having a conversation with someone who is always engulfed in fear, "what's the worst thing that could really happen?" And the answer came into my mind as clear as day.

The worst thing that could ever happen to me is loosing my faith in Christ and His restored Gospel. That's really the worst thing. That's it. And I have complete control over that.

I do not have control over nature or my neighbor. One may swallow me up in a massive earthquake and the other may call the cops on me for letting my children play in our backyard pool for 20 minutes without any adult supervision (I was watching from the kitchen window), but if I have faith in Jesus Christ and honor the covenants I've made with my Heavenly Father none of that matters. There is nothing to fear. 

Doubt not, fear not. Life really is that simple. It is beautiful. It is meant to be lived.

Let go of fear. 


Dad said...

It is rather strange how religion often breeds fear. It should be the total opposite, but unfortunately too many times is not. I liked your take on losing the gospel as your only fear. You indicated that you have complete control over that -- I'm not so sure I agree. I know with my recent "trial of faith" I felt completely out of control and were it not for the kindness of a loving Savior and Father in Heaven who rescued me from my gulf of despair, I may have continued down a path that is so easy for me to follow... Just my thoughts...

Claudia said...

I did the 'fear factor' once before and it was quite hellish. Won't go there ever again. My answer then was: "You have focused too long on Phillip and his negative behavior. Look to me." Yup, learned the hard way if you focus on the negative it leads to a pretty ugly place. Loved President Hinckley for the fact that he always focused on the positive and what a wonderful world we live in. Great time to be alive!

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