Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lost Pictures

So, once upon a time Ben took newborn photos of Coraline for a baby announcement. We sent out about 50% of them ... and now it's July. Oops. 

Here are some of the photos we used. 

The following Sunday I tried to get a cute photo of all three kids. I failed. 

 I have no idea why part of that is gray. I really am so horrible at photography!

But my horrible skills didn't stop me from trying to capture good Sunday photos every month since. I have shared some, but others are MIA on this blog. So here they are, months and months later.

This was February, and I know exactly why Reid is doing that "keep your eyes open buddy."

 "Put your hands down Nell"
 "Coraline, look at me!"
 Okay, this one is my favorite. Now I just need to learn how to crop and edit properly. 



Dad said...

Those photos are absolutely adorable!!!

Claudia said...

All of them are my favorite!!! As are the models!

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