Monday, July 20, 2015

Coralina Lou

Coraline has been my most enjoyable baby. She has not been the easiest, but I still have enjoyed her the most. Parenthood is strange like that. More kids make more messes and more stresses, but they also bring more peace and ease.

I take the sleep snuggles whenever I can, and thanks to teething it has happened a couple times this past month. This particular day, back in late June, I just loved the way her little arm was wrapped around my neck. She was not going to let me go. And that was perfectly alright with me.

She spends a lot of time resting between my legs like this, again, thanks to teething she often insists I hold her all day long, and this position is the best break my arms get. 

 Sunday the weekend of July 4th, sporting her festive little dress.

Ben snapped this photo over the weekend. She was so social and vocal any time we were around others. She even let some people hold her without screaming for me, sometimes, but not the whole time. 

She has become such a little shriek-er lately. She slobbers non stop. She has the biggest toy reach I've ever seen. She rolls all over the place (in fact, our FHE lesson for tonight was on family safety and which toys are allowed in the front room). 

Her two bottom teeth are lone rangers. Her belly never seems full. And her spirit lights our whole home with happiness. This is a little girl who is greatly loved by her siblings and her parents. 

Video taken Friday night:


Grandpa B said...

Looked like she was eating corn on the cob! Glad you all enjoy her so. She is definitely a keeper...

Claudia said...

What a cute little baby girl you got there!! Can't wait to see her and the rest of the gang!!!

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