Monday, September 28, 2015

The Monthly Updates (late, late, and late)

I shared a bit about Nell's third birthday yesterday. It's now officially October 28th and I've now missed two monthly updates for each of my kids. Kind of breaks my heart. I really wanted to capture all our Utah adventures, but in the end I only gave that a half heart-ed attempt and manged to fail at so many other important post ideas I've had.

Well, even if this update is coming late, I still have so many cute photos I just have to share. So here goes. 

Coraline, 9 months on Sept 20th 

I'm convinced Coraline shows her love through patting. That's right, patting your back (or face). It may sound strange, but really it is quiet sweet. Anytime I go pick her up after a nap, she just gives me the sweetest (several) pat(s) on the back. 

Ben has fully embraced the nickname "Lou." When we first saw his family in Utah he said "we call her Lou now," as if we made an official name change. 

She is bald as can be. And has leg rolls for days. She has become quite a pleasant baby. People often comment on how happy she is. I am tempted to respond "that's because I'm holding her!" She does occasionally go to others with ease. She let Grandpa hold her for over half an hour (he's the one that eventually called it quits) at the wedding reception. She let my mom and dad each hold her a few times. But she's fickle. You can never tell when she's going to sit and rock with someone for an extended time or when she's going to be two inches out of my hands and throw a huge fit. It's kind of frustrating -- as her fit throwing deters some people from ever even trying. 

Her stats at her nine month check up were:
Weight: 21 lbs, 90%
Height: 29.5 inches, 97%
Head: 18 inches, 91%

She has a great army crawl and the cutest pants. She currently has five teeth. The bottom two have been out for a while, and three on the top are in the process of breaking through. She handles teething as well as can be expected. She loves to eat and isn't picky. I've graduated her to more grown up foods quicker than any previous child. The luck of being #3, I suppose. 

We love her so much and are so grateful she is in our home. 

Reid, 59 months on Sept 24th

I don't remember what I was going to write about Reid during this particular update, other than to mention his obsession with careers. The entire time we were in Utah he kept talking about what he was going to be when he grows up. Each time this life choice was mentioned he'd list an average of four things and every day those four ideas changed just slightly. I could sense he was even becoming frustrated with the reality that he didn't know what he was going to be when he grows up! I wish I would have written some of his ideas down. He'd often combine a few things and say something like "I'll be a paleontologist astronaut, okay mama?" Volcanist and miner were two other popular choices. 

I wish I had recorded our conversation as we hiked the Grand View Point in Canyonlands NP. He must have gone a full quarter mile without stopping. "Mommy, when I'm big I'm going to be a Junior Ranger ... and own a store that you and Nell can come to ... and there will be kid sized fishing poles for Nell to ... and lots of toys that she'd like ... and when she's done she can bring them back ... and I'll be the Junior Ranger who is in charge ... and ... and ... and." I made the mistake of trying to explain a few things, like that taking a fishing pole for just a day or two is called renting, or that when he's big he can be an actual Ranger, not a Junior Ranger. But I quickly learned he wasn't interested in any of my ideas (so I never pointed out the major flaw in his plan, that when he's big Nell will be big too -- and she won't need all the great toys and kid sized fishing poles he's planning on renting out to her). I decided we'd just walk hand in hand and I'd just listen with an occasional "Uh-huh, Oh, Really? That's cool buddy" dropped in between extremely long run on sentences. Really, the whole thing had me swooning. Up ahead I could hear Nell doing just about the same thing with Ben. We've got such chatter boxes in this house!

Reid is becoming quite useful around here. He loves to work and help. Below are some photos of him clearing out dead branches Ben had cut from our big maple trees.  He even tried to haul them with his tricycle. I love the creativity. I also love that work is play and play is work.

I didn't really get a good shot of this, but one day he was playing with his shark tank and he brought out Noah and Sariah and was telling the grandest story I've ever heard. It was so funny. He put the crocodiles in the water and the whole thing seemed much more bleak than the bible tale -- which says a lot. I love how kids this age use their budding language skills to make up wild adventures.

Reid is getting ready for his favorite time of year, birthday and Halloween! I can't believe he'll be five next month (only I can, because I'm writing this a month late -- so technically he is already five). We sure do enjoy this creative little boy!

Nell, 36 months on Sept 27th

I already wrote up Nell's birthday post, but I'd still feel neglectful if I didn't mention her here. She is such a light of joy in our home. I am so blessed to have such wonderful children. I'm grateful they are each growing and thriving.

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Pa said...

Cute posts. Loved the pictures of Reid and my twinner. Check out the spelling for the word meaning no hair...

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