Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Three Year Old

Nell is officially three years old. I wish I could say I celebrated her with all my heart, but I didn't. Her third birthday was a flop, and thankfully she's too young to notice. The day after we got back from Utah we started potty training. She was ready, I was ready, we were ready! Or so I thought. 

Ugh, potty training Nell was a nightmare. 

Nothing motivates that girl. She cannot be bribed or bought, coaxed or corralled. She is her own person and she decides everything for herself. Even threats don't work. I told her she wouldn't get a cake or party until she used the potty consistently. 

Thus, the birthday fail. By the end of the week I was exhausted and my house was a mess. There was no time to make her Sofia cake or decorate our house or put a ton of thought into her present. Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa saved the day. They stayed with us Friday night and watched the kids while Ben and I went out on a date. Later that evening Ben and his dad went to the store for a cake. And I have such an addiction to toy sales that we just pulled something out of the basement closet and called it a present. 

Saturday we went to the zoo and played at the park. Nell pooped and peed all over herself while running around with Reid. It was disgusting and I felt horrible. Of course that was going to happen, I took a not-yet-fully-potty-trained child away from her home for two full hours. Cleaning her up in the park bathroom was a nightmare. She sobbed and I apologized over and over. What a rough day. 

Well, some kind of birthday post this is turning into! There was some humor during our three week long potty training experience. I even blogged about it that day (Sept 20th), and just held onto it until I finished up all our Utah posts (Oct 27th, yes I am writing this a month late) .  Here it is: 

By day 3 she was pretty good with #1, but she'd only produced little deer size #2s. Well, except for that one moment we let her out of our sights and she put 5lbs of #2 in her underwear. Anyway, on the evening of day 3 I told her she had to make a big poop on the potty before bedtime. She replied "No, no, no. I don't want to."

"Well, then you don't get to have a birthday party," because that is the consequence of not being potty trained by age 3 in this house.

Immediately she declared, "I'm going to make a big big poop that will destroy the whole city!"

I can still picture her hand movement as she said that last line. She is so full of goofiness. We can always count on her for a giggle. 

She had her three year check up on Friday (a couple days before her birthday). Here are her stats, and a bunch of cute photos from the past month of her life: 

Weight: 43 lbs, 99%
Height: 39.5 inches, 93%

Superhero Princess
Playing dress ups at Grandmas.
She lived in those Little Adventure dresses while we were in Delta.

Make shift outfit at the wedding reception.
She had an accident and borrowed big brother's extra clothes.
Could kiss her all day. I'm 100% certain she was whining just before this shot. "Hold me, hold me!"

On her actual birthday I shared this on Instagram: 

My sweet and sassy, silly and stubborn, princess tomboy turns three today! I don't think I'll ever figure out our little Nelly Belly, but I know I love her beyond measure. She blesses our family with lots of giggles and lots of loves. So grateful to have her! #threeyearsold #flowergirldress #alwayshasanowie

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Pa said...

Glad she was able to pull off the poop in time to celebrate her birthday! Honestly, mother, what were you thinking?!!

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