Saturday, September 26, 2015

Utah 2015: Szilagyi Cousins

In Moab, Utah we got to spend some time with the Szilagyi cousins. It was wonderful to see nearly all the members of both of our families in such a short time frame. Combined Ben and I have nine siblings, and we were able to see 7 of them during our two weeks in Utah. We just missed one of my older brothers and Ben's older brother and their families.

The night before and after the wedding we stayed in a house rental with Ben's little sister. That gave Reid and Nell some extra time to play with their cousin Henry. I didn't capture any photos, but they loved running around the house together. I think they had the most fun at the reception though. There was a kids table with lots of activities, including glow sticks, and once the sun went down they were just a couple of glowing rings running around the desert. I loved listening to their giggles under the beautiful starry sky.

The morning after the wedding we all went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Szilagyi's condo (rental). It was a much needed cool off from all the wedding/traveling stress and desert heat.

 I wish we could have spent a little more time with Jazella, Henry and Mason. I love that Ben's sisters have little ones almost the exact ages of our own. Right now it still feels like there are more adults than kids when the Szilagyi's all get together, but that trend is changing. I hope they get a lot more play time in the future.

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Pa said...

How fun. Families are the best...

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