Saturday, September 26, 2015

Utah 2015: The Hanneman Wedding

Confession: I am writing this post one month after the actual post date (writing on 10/26/15, posting on 9/26/15) which makes this six weeks after the actual wedding! Shame on me, I know. I only confess this sin to warn you I will not adequately capture the beauty of the wedding festivities. Katie and Justin had so much love and support, which just testifies of their greatness. They are a truly magnificent couple.

The entire purpose for our trip out to Utah was to share in the celebration of Katie and Justin's matrimony. And it proved worth it; definitely one of the highlights of our trip out West.

Ben, Reid and Nell each got to play a part in the ceremony.

Ben officiated. He spoke loud and clear and impressed everyone with his charming and gentle nature. Nell was a flower girl, and only had a few minor misbehaviors -- including lifting her dress up (playing princess, I'm sure) during the vows and then asking "Are we done?" just before Ben pronounced the happy couple husband and wife. 

I love this one because you can see her smiling at her Prince.
Reid got to walk Grandma down the aisle. I spent most my time hiding in the way back, shading and feeding a fussy baby.

The ceremony itself was magnificent, but I think their reception was really the moment this happy couple shined. They worked so hard to host this desert wedding. And rather than a reception line, they served all their guests a huge, delicious feast! They roasted a pig and a turkey and made huge pans of yummy veggies. Seriously, the meat was so, so good. They had a bar and fancy hors d'oeuvres. Reid fell in love with jumbo shrimp. Who wouldn't? But seriously he keeps asking for the yummy shrimp we had at Aunt Katie's wedding. Who would have thought the fanciest meal he's ever eaten would take place 30 miles away from civilization? By the time dessert rolled around the stars were out and everyone just gazed in wonder. 

I really can't believe how much work they must have put into that reception. I am so impressed that in a moment where most couples want to just be the spotlight these two chose to serve their family and friends. It was very touching. You know you have two wonderful people when they have nearly 100 friends and family members travel an average of about 500 miles to celebrate their love (furthest distance was 1,700 miles and shortest was 230). 

We are so happy to welcome Justin into the Szilagyi family. He is perfect Katie. Like any good couple, they both bring out the good in one another. It will be fun to watch where life takes them and their little family in the years to come. 

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Pa said...

I didn't know Ben got to marry the couple! That's awesome. I'm sure he did a fantabulous job -- as he does with everything.

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