Friday, September 18, 2015

Two Week Trip to Utah!

We took a two week trip to Utah for Aunt Katie's wedding and some Bassett Family time. I started blogging about our vacation in chronological order (journal style) and it was a total snooze fest. I do want to capture our many adventures, and they still may come out like a snooze fest, but I'm going to take my time and focus on theme -- which means I'll probably write up a dozen posts. Brace yourself.

Travel time from our house to my parents is 12 hours door to door (11 and a half coming back). At O'Hare the kids got to ride on a bus and a light rail train. Reid thought it was fabulous until we hit full speed (on the Light Rail). Then he was pretty horrified. Nell didn't have a worry in the world and was dancing her little heart out on the driver-less vehicle. I chuckled to myself and told Ben that moment captured their two personalities well. Likewise, when we hit some turbulence coming over the Rockies Reid was squeezing me as tight as he could and Nell shouted "This is fun! This is fun! Again! Again!"

Gosh I love them. I love how well they get along, and I love how unique they each are.

I'm very grateful we were safe through our entire journey. While in Utah we made an additional 9 hour road trip. Plus lots of little trips up canyons and across big valleys, I definitely have a heart full of gratitude that someone was watching out for us and kept us free from incident or injury. 


Dad said...

Don't forget the owie Nell got the last night here! That darn table!!!

Claudia said...

Yes, with all that traveling I am grateful all arrived safely at all their destinations!

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