Saturday, September 19, 2015

Utah 2015: Bassett Cousins

Reid and Nell fell immediately in love with my niece Zoey. They both wanted to sit by her at all times, especially when the cousins all rode with Grandma to the drive-in for some chocolate dipped ice cream cones.

One morning before heading to school Zoey came over for a couple hours of play. The kids were in heaven and kept themselves occupied and happy with almost no adult intervention. My favorite kind of playtime! I even had a chance to sneak away and practice the piano for a bit. Once they heard me playing they ran downstairs to dance along. Reid made a special request for "the slow song" and I watched he and Zoey dancing romantically out of the corner of my eye. When the song finished they informed me that they were married and they proceeded to hold hands the rest of the morning.

Reid's been really into marriage lately, to the point of annoyance. We are trying (and failing) to help him understand he can't marry his mom or his sisters. So when he first got the idea to marry his cousin (while they were eating ice cream in that picture above) I reminded him of his Church friend Zoey (who he has also decided he will marry) and then asked which Zoey he meant when he said "I want to marry Zoey, okay mommy?" He quickly replied, "this one." To which Nell jumped in and said "I'll take da utter one." Ben and I both burst into laughter and totally missed our chance to teach Reid that cousins are also off limits as well. I blame the wedding, because I really have no idea why he is suddenly so concerned with marriage.

On Labor Day Ben took the two big kids out to a dormant volcano with my brother Matt's family. Reid has always had a fascination with volcanoes so we'd been promising him we'd take him there.

That evening we went out to my little brother's home in Deseret for some cake and ice cream, his twins turned three the day before. That evening was one of my favorites of the whole trip. Kids and adults alike played lawn games in their front yard. We had wheelbarrow and crab races, watched the kids play red light green light, and Grandma led a fun game of Simon Says. The evening weather was beautiful, and I loved staring out at the endless view of my childhood. It all felt like perfection.

Ava was in as high a demand as Zoey, and for good reason. She was so sweet and loving each time she played with the kids. Nell was her little shadow almost any time she came over.

Reid and Zeke also had a lot of fun playing together. And Max spent nearly an hour playing (a rough game) of catch with Reid. He was so patient with every horrible throw (though Reid did have an occasional good aim). 

My little brother's three boys came over one night without mom and dad (or the other cousins), and it was fun to see how they all played together without the older kids around. Mostly, they just dug in the sand and jumped on the trampoline while my mom and I rocked the babies. 

The night before we left I snapped this quick picture of (almost all) the cousins together. Can you believe five of my parents grandkids are missing from this photo? There is no shortage of Bassett cousins, that is for sure. Reid and Nell each have several their age, always guaranteeing there is someone to play with when we visit Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Coraline, Max, Noelan, Zoey, Ava, Nell, Reid, Hudson, and Isaac

Baby Copelan and my brother Jon's kids are missing from this photo, and it is still a pretty big crew! 


Grandpa B said...

Cute, cute photos. I hope you will provide us with more in the upcoming days! It was a very fun time. We're missing you...

Claudia said...

Love the cousins photo and will have to print it off to go in the boys bedroom! Yes, we are blessed with adorable grandchildren and fabulous children, in and out laws! And, it is wonderful they all get along so well. We be missing them and you and do wish you lived closer! Love ya, Sis! (and Ben, Reid, Nell and Coraline!)

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