Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Apple Farm Fun!

Fall is in full swing in the Midwest. Temperatures dropped the moment October arrived. Ben has been duck hunting. We've been visiting Apple Farms! It's Autumn and I love it!

Last weekend the kid's and I went to stay with Ben's parents to see two of his sisters who were visiting from out of state (Aunt Lauren and Aunt Sam). Ben stayed behind to have a weekend to himself (recoup from all that family time in Utah) and go duck hunting with the dudes.

The kids were, as always, in heaven at Grandma's house. They had plenty of fire pit gatherings and a couple hours (which wasn't nearly enough time) to play with the cousins. Even though our visit was quite short, it felt like we had a lot of down time to just snuggle and be goofy. Which is always welcomed.

They helped Grandma make cookies, and then they each got to make these little masks (found on the back of the cookie box). Reid was very much in character as a pumpkin. I could hardly get his photo because he was too busy laying in the patch, waiting to be picked by some lucky kid (which reminds me, we spontaneously went to our grocery store's pumpkin festival Saturday morning (before heading to Illinois) and it was a disaster (lots of line waiting and tears), but at least Nell won a free pumpkin).

We stayed until Monday afternoon so we could have more time with the Aunties and tag along on a trip to one of our favorite apple farms, Edwards Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois. Ben's Dad often says Edwards has a license to print money, and it's pretty true. We've gone on weekends and they are just crawling with people. It was nice to go on a Monday this year and only have to share the play area with a few dozen kids. 

Reid was in love with the tractors. Nell enjoyed them too, but Reid did not want to get off. Not even for a doughnut. Speaking of doughnuts, I kept thinking Coraline should have been more hungry and whining for me to hold her ... and then I realized Grandma and Grandpa (and Aunt Sam) had been filling her full of those sweet apple cider, sugar glazed, cake doughnuts. I didn't mind, as it gave me a big break from holding her. Ha!

Aunt Lauren did the maze with Reid and Coraline. I think it proved much harder than any of us thought it'd be. When they were almost to the end Reid threw his hands in the air and declared he was done and started heading back to the beginning -- only to immediately get lost. After a good ten minutes they finally made it out. 

And even though we had a wonderful time at Edwards, I packed the kids up in the car this afternoon and headed over to Little Farmer in Malone, Wisconsin. It is our absolute favorite apple orchard. We love going each year and enjoying some U-pick apples out in the fields. And their caramel apple treats cannot be beat. Yum! We also enjoyed a warm pumpkin and cream cheese muffin. So much deliciousness!

Nell loved these tractor swings, and Reid had a blast racing around on those tricycles with a couple other four-year-old boys. He was sweet enough to take a break from his new buddies and push Nell when I was occupied with Coraline. I loved that moment of the two of them playing together (huh-hmm, pay attention to Nell's pants through out these photos).

Did you notice Nell's playground pants and apple picking pants are different? Yup, she had a huge accident despite my offering to put a diaper on her when she was too scared to use the port-a-potty. I wasn't too happy. Seriously, potty training that girl has been a looong process. Good thing I'm always prepared with an extra set of clothes!

The two best things about our day were the treats and the company. The weather wasn't to shabby either! Such a gorgeous day to get out and go apple picking!


Claudia said...

What a wonderful time for all to experience!! Cute, Cute photos of a darling family! Happy it was such a fun time. Wisconsin does have its perks!

Pa said...

Love the photos and stories. So thankful for those Szilagyi relatives so close by. Am I jealous? Just a titch!!!

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