Sunday, October 4, 2015

Goodbye Summer!

The weather was summer like until summer was officially (Sep 21) over. In fact, it was still summer like during the first two weeks of fall (and I'm writing this in the first week of November, and it is still summer like -- no complaints about that!). I check the weather pretty religiously around here, and if there was any chance it'd be above 70 when Reid came home from school I had our little pool filled up and planned on spending the entire afternoon outside.

It was wonderful!

Anyway, here are some photos from our last few weeks in September. 

Enjoying watermelon we grew in our very own garden

Taking the girls on a bike ride while Reid was at school (Coraline eventually got a helmet).

Our last day in the pool! Look at their happiness.
About the time she transitioned into the easiest, happiest baby EVER!
Building a play house out of lawn chairs and beach towels. 
I am deeply, madly in love with our backyard. I am overjoyed any time we get to spend the afternoon relaxing in the comfort of our own lawn, under our ginormous maple trees. It truly is my own little slice of heaven. Medicine for my soul. 


Pa said...

And our Republican friends would have us believe Global Warming is a myth. Wish the GOP were a myth...

Claudia said...

These children are just so dang cute!!! I can't stand it!! You captured some wonderful moments sis. That baby Coralina Lou is the happiest baby ever! Love em!

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