Friday, October 2, 2015

(Pre-Utah) Miscellaneous

Going through all my phone photos from August (for the kiddo updates) had me wishing I'd shared a few little moments that never made it to the blog. Especially this one:

We went for a bike ride after a big rainstorm one day in mid August. The kids loved splashing through all the puddles (you can see how wet Reid's back is from driving through the biggest ones). Once we pulled up to the driveway Reid asked if we could have a car wash station. I quickly grabbed them some heavy duty towels and they spent a good ten minutes shining their respective bicycles. It was one of the sweetest things! They didn't miss a crack; it was a very detailed clean.


Here's a selfie I took one day (not sure why), but I don't hate it.


This photo was taken on the last day before school started. If I remember correctly, they were playing spaceship. I love how wild their imaginations run!


When Reid first started school we loved waiting for his bus with him. He seemed a little bothered/embarrassed by us, but he endured it (and all the photos) well.


I love this shot of my girls enjoying the baby swings at a nearby park. I still remember this day. The weather was perfect and all my kids played so nicely (with each other and others). It was perfect. 


Pa said...

Fun photos...

Claudia said...

Whoa, I need to bring my vehicle to their detailed wash!! Loved your selfie! Love ya, Mom

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