Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Home Evening

We keep postponing Fall Color drives. Each weekend we're like "Eww, let's go to Kettle Morraine like last year" or "We have time to do Devil's Lake after Church." But ... we never did a darn thing. So today, we decided to take a Family Home Evening trip up to High Cliff State Park. 

But first, check out this cute monkey and her charming vet. I love how they play.

We made it to the park just at sunset, which was gorgeous. I hiked up with the two big kids and was having a blast. No worries at all. They were even getting ahead of me and reached the top before I did. No worries. Even when I found Nell poking her little head out of the railings, I told myself the likelihood of her falling was miniscule. No worries!

But I was not enjoying the scenery. I just couldn't. What is it about motherhood that makes little moments like this so stressful? I know other mom's feel it too. One of Ben's colleagues told him just looking at our photo made her nervous, "That baby is just going to fall right out of there!" Oh motherhood!  

Anyway, Ben was kind enough to take the kids down to the car ahead of me, which gave me a moment, just as the sun disappeared into the night, to enjoy the view all on my own. Without any worries. And it was lovely. 

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Pa said...

Gees, if you'd been in SLC this Monday, you could have celebrated Family Homo Evening with the LGBT community. Still cracks me up. Have to laugh or you'd cry... Loved the photos...

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