Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Hoopla

Halloween reigns high and mighty in this household. I can't decide if it's because it's so close to Reid's birthday or ... the candy, the dress ups, the spooky stories, or ... what? But that kid loves Halloween, and that love rubs off on his sister (and me). I have a bucket of dollar store Halloween junk that I've held onto the past couple of years (because kids love junk) and we've gotten a lot of mileage out of it already. I put some spiders in Reid's snack this week and he just about lost his mind he loved it so much.

To kick off the month his school had a pumpkin walk in the Nature Center earlier this month. Reid and Nell both dressed up and we all had a lot of fun. Reid was a Ninja and Nell was a Veterinarian. There was a spooky spider presentation, bat box building, a fun snack, and -- of course -- the path was lit up by about 50 glowing pumpkins. It will be a fun annual event. So far I've been really impressed by how much time his class has spent in the nature center. It is such a wonderful addition to his School and our neighborhood.

This afternoon we went over to a friend's house to carve some pumpkins. We had a blast. Yummy food, great company, new toys to play with -- all in all it was a wonderful little party. This particular friend has a lot of Batman Imaginext toys, so Reid made a special request for his Jack-O-Lantern. Ben did an awesome job.


We've been reading a lot of Halloween books. My favorite is Little Goblins Ten and Reid regularly requests Bone Soup and Nell loves Lady Bug Girl's Dress Up Dilemma. We have also been watching cute little Halloween shows and songs on Netflix and You Tube. Room on the Broom is absolutely adorable (both the book and animation). Ben found a cool old (1929) Disney cartoon, "The Skeleton Dance", that has a modern kid's song, "Spooky Scary Skeletons", mixed into it. We cannot get enough of that clip. I think we watch it every night (or day). They also really liked the song/animation "Walking down the Street on Halloween Night." After listening to it just once or twice they had it memorized.

 Anyway, here's to a couple more weeks of the season to enjoy!

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Pa said...

Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations too! Hope to spend it with you and the little munchkins someday...

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