Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonderful Weather

We are enjoying some beautiful, warm weather this October. Sunday afternoon we went for a fabulous(ly strenuous) family bike ride. I was so excited Coraline had finally grown into the bike trailer and Reid was confident on his Co-Pilot. My excitement was not matched by our ambitions. Ben and I headed out to his favorite walking trail (my idea, I was anxious to get it done in half the time). Things started out really smooth. Ben had a lot of extra weight to pull and Reid wasn't the best at balancing, but we were enjoying ourselves. Then we hit the lake and that entire stretch of the trail is thick gravel. It sure made for a bumpy ride! And three miles was a big hunk to chew off on our first adventure out. We were tired and overworked by the time we were done. But oh well, we made some family memories. Later this week we rode over to our neighborhood nature center -- it was much more enjoyable.

On Monday I was able to spend a couple hours out in the garden (in a maxi skirt), harvesting the last of our crops and preparing the soil for winter. It was nice to work out side in such temperate, sunny weather. We also squeezed in some time on our swing set.

I also took the kids to the park this afternoon. Reid quickly found some friends to play with and spent over an hour running through all the playground equipment. Nell and Coraline buddied up with me, and we had a lovely time together.

When I jumped in the driver seat of the car Nell shouted, "Let's go BatMom!" It was too cute. 

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Pa said...

What a fun Bat Mom!!! I loved the adventures of the little ones. Beautiful weather and beautiful kiddos...

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