Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nell's First Month as a Three-Year-Old

The terrible threes haven't set in yet, but I sense they are coming. She has started demanding a lot of my attention any time I am feeding Coraline. It's strange, like suddenly the jealousy is setting in after 10 months of having a baby around? I don't know, but she's still stinking adorable. Nell is the goofiest kid around. I often catch myself (or Ben) saying something like "Nell, how'd you get so goofy?" The things she says and the way she expresses herself can best be described as goofy. She's such a goof! And we love her!

Wish I could crop Reid out of this, ha! Nell's face is just so cute!
She's really getting into the world of pretend. At least once a day I am Queen Miranda, Ben is King Roland (or Cedric, if she's in her goofy mood), Reid is James (or wormy) and Coraline is Amber. Our entire family has to change names when Nell is Sofia!

I love this little resting pout.

She keeps twirling her hair and pulling out big chunks of it, so we went and got a hair cut. She was pretty brave. She was also brave for her flu shot (Reid was not). 

She's doing a lot better with her potty training. We have been accident free for a while. I finally just had to take away the potty insert that held her up a bit. She was really scared to use the toilet without it, but she kept leaking all over when she went to the bathroom and that seemed like the only explanation. Clearly it was, as she's been doing significantly better since then. And, like I promised, our toilet hasn't eaten her up. She's even got room to wipe herself now that the clunky insert is out of the way. 

This last picture will be one of my all time favorites of Nell. I know what you are thinking, it isn't a picture of Nell, it's a picture of a tree -- look closely. 
And yes, she is barefoot in our backyard in late October. 1) This weather is to die for. 2) Nell hates wearing shoes. 


Pa said...

Love my Nelly Belly. She is a hoot.

Claudia said...

Cute hairdo Nell! I love her resting pout, but it does look like she might have to go potty!

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