Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015!

After a lot of anticipation and a lot of waiting Halloween finally came! It's funny how this simple holiday has turned into multiple day long celebrations -- but I'm not complaining. Dress ups, pretend, candy, parties ... what's not to love about Halloween with little kiddos around?

Reid's school party sounded like a blast. He filled me in on each of his classmate's costumes. There were three Ninja's, a red one, green one, and he was the blue one. We furnished cupcakes with fun little mummy rings on top and he was so excited that all the kids told him thank you. He came home with lots of goodies and since the girls were both still napping he shared his treats with me while we snuggled and laughed on the couch. But my favorite treat was watching him rehearse a cute little story he memorized. Each day when he comes home I can see the joy preschool brings him, and I'm so grateful for that. 

That evening (Friday) we had our Church party. I had so much fun dressing up my little girls, and it shows because I have a dozen pictures of each of them! Ben and I always scramble to put together costume ideas right before the party, but I think we did pretty well with this year's last minute ideas. I was a botanist (Coraline was a Ladybug) and he was a Judge. 

There was a really good turnout at the party, which is always nice for our small congregation. Reid had a blast with two of his friends, Zoey and Alex. They even let Nell and Alex's little brother, Logan, tag along with them all night. Reid and Zoey are so fun to watch together. There is something about their friendship that is just really sweet. Zoey's mom joked that we had adopted her for the night, since she would hardly leave Reid's sight. But it all became too real when we were leaving and Zoey just headed out of the Church and toward our van like it was no big deal, even as her mom appeared at the Church door and shouted at her "Zoey, what are you doing? You can't go home with the Szilagyi's!", she just kept walking next to Reid. She began to crawl in our van before she even realized what she was doing. 

Anyway, Reid won the scariest costume award and he was pretty excited about that. They loved the Trunk or Treat and pinata. Reid has been wanting a pinata for such a long time now, I even offered it in place of a birthday cake -- and he almost took the bait. Overall it was a really fun night. 

Today, our actual Halloween festivities included a trip to our grocery store (which always hosts a fun in store trick or treating event), dinner in a pumpkin, and then a night of trick or treating. We love going up and down our street on Halloween. There are 24 houses and most of them participate. Total, we only saw about 6 trick or treat-ers on our street -- so everyone is very generous, if you catch my drift. We also went to two of Ben's co-workers houses. They love to see the kids all dressed up. They both live in much busier neighborhoods and going there always makes me really grateful for our quiet street. I'd love it if we had more kids on our street, but I'm so grateful our houses aren't stacked right next to each other and no one but residents (and their guests) have any need to drive down our long dead end road. 

Anyway, we ended our night crashing a party at the house of a friend. They live in our greater neighborhood area. They'd been out with two ten-year-old girls, but they were ready to call it a night when we ran into them. The girls, of course, weren't done. So I took them and Reid and Nell to a few more houses. It was fun to have a couple of older kids along. It was also a little disastrous. Reid and Nell loved the idea of more trick or treating, but they didn't love the idea of walking to anymore houses. Somehow we survived and ended back at our friends house for some yummy soup and delightful company. Overall, it was a wonderful day; we tucked our sweet skeletons into bed and then stole about 3/4 of their loot! Tomorrow we'll take down our handful of decorations, and we'll anxiously await next year's Halloween.   


Pa said...

Such fun festivities! I love the fact that you live in a slow lazy neighborhood too! Love those kiddos, and Reid's recitation was amazing. Well done my boy!

Claudia said...

Great job with your pumpkin poem Reid!! Loved it! How clever to be a botanist with a bug in tow!! Sounded like everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!

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