Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is it really November?

With the weather we've been having it is hard to convince myself that it is really November. We've had four straight days of 70 degree weather, one day even got up to 72. That's late June weather for Wisconsin, not November weather! It's kind of killing me that it gets dark at 5 pm though. Such a waste! We have so much yard work to do and not enough daylight to get any of it done.

But who am I kidding? I don't really want to do any of it now anyway. When the weather finally drops, it's still going to sit at a nice upper-50 to 60 degrees. I can do yard work in that kind of weather just fine. Right now we're just going to enjoy spending ever sunny minute of this 70 degree weather playing outside.

While Ben and the girls took Sunday naps, Reid and I enjoyed this beautiful pile of leaves. He couldn't wait to rake them as high as we could possibly get them. He also couldn't wait to show off.

The girls and I enjoyed our big pile while Reid was at school. When he came home he gladly joined us. Then we all went on a nice bike ride with a neighbor family.

They got creative and made a maze on the North side of our front lawn. We also had a play date with a friend that lives on the street behind us. It was so lovely to just sit outside with another mom friend and chat while our kids played in gorgeous 72 degree weather!

Another day of leaf fun and beautiful sun!

I took this photo to document how many leaves we still have! The last yard waste pick up is this coming Monday, so I have to start bagging even though 50% of our leaves haven't even fallen. I feel like this happens every year. Sigh. 

Before Reid headed to school we went to work bagging all the leaves on the North side of our front lawn. Nineteen bags, 19 bags from just one of our five huge maples! Granted, it is the biggest one, but 50% of it falls in our neighbors yard. I hope they don't hate us for that! Oh well, 100% of its  shade benefits their house (and electric bill), so they really shouldn't complain. I still can't believe it takes 19 bags to contain only half of our biggest tree.

We are going down to Illinois this weekend, but I'm hoping the rest of the leaves fall by Sunday and we can finish raking the front lawn when we get home. 


Pa said...

Raking the leaves on Sunday -- oh my! Sounds like you inherited those naughty Hardy Bassett genes. Better the day, better the deed! Loved the pix.

Claudia said...

Loved the video of Reid jumping in the leaves. It sounded so fun!!! You do have an amazing amount of leaves!!! Fun for those cute kiddos!

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