Friday, November 27, 2015

Nell 3 years + 2 months

I'm certain that if I were to go back and look at all my monthly updates of Nell I'd find the word "goofy" was used over a dozen times. I know, I know, I say it every month ... but this little girl is so goofy and silly and we just love it!

Looking back at this month's photos I realize there are hardly enough. She is constantly on the move and 85% of the photos I try and take end up blurry. If I try and snap a picture of her she ends up whining until I surrender my phone and let her take pictures of herself (which only contain about 15% of her face and 85% of the ceiling). She is so in love with taking photos on my phone. Almost every night I have to go through and delete views of my walls, backside, couch, and whatever else she snapped a shot of that day. 

Earlier this month our neighbor's left a jump rope on our front porch. She was over the moon! I couldn't open it fast enough, and when I handed it to her she knew just what to do -- hold the handles and jump. It was hilarious. I just sat back and watched her do this for a good twenty minutes. 

She loves, loves to get mad. It's actually kind of funny to watch. Some minor thing will frustrate her and before you know it she is raising her eyebrows while tilting her head down and emitting the fake-est little growl. Then she puts her hands on her hips and gives a little stomp. It seriously cracks me up. Sometimes, when she's perfectly content, I ask her to show me her mad face just so I can smile. If you ever need a pick me up, this little girl is sure to deliver!

She keeps wetting the bed during her naps, and this causes her to wake up sobbing. "Don't make me shower, don't make me shower." Usually I just let her stand in the tub, turn on the water, and use some cups to fill up and dump on herself. I made her shower once after a poop accident when we were potty training, but that experience has apparently scarred her for life. One afternoon, after putting her sheets in the washer I rounded the corner out of the laundry room and spotted her at the top of the stairs. She had her hands on her hips and was cheesing so big I needed crackers. Instead of putting on clothes, she'd found two Target stickers and put them on her chest. I don't know why, but it was hilarious! I'm totally against underwear pictures of kids on the Internet, and yet I've posted two of Nell in the past week! She's always getting her clothes dirty or refusing to put a new outfit on after her nap (which she always insists on taking half naked). 

Nov 6th

She's starting to bond with Coraline more and more. She often wants to give her kisses and really tender hugs. The two of them will just look smile back and forth at each other for a few minutes each day Reid is at school. Despite her sisterly kindness, she's also been extra needy lately. In the moments I have to feed or hold Coraline, Nell decides her world is about to end and the only thing that can stop it from self imploding is being carried all around the house by her dear old mom. It's sweet, really (sarcasm font needed). I've always thought of her as more of a Daddy's girl until lately. She's gone into full blown favor-same-gender-parent-mode and it's about to drive both her parents bonkers. If Ben tries to put her down for a nap or even dare suggest she go to bed without me tucking her in she looses her mind. She even went so far as to tell him -- through sobbing tears -- that he doesn't know how to tuck her in, "only mommy does." For reals, Nell?  Hopefully it is just a phase that passes quickly. 

We think we are going to graduate her from naps soon, but she did fall asleep during a ten minute car ride at lunchtime today. Reid and I were poking her and kissing her without much response. She was knocked out cold. Why are kids so lovable and adorable when they are sleeping?

Before you go, enjoy this sweet movie of her singing her favorite nursery song. I hope I never forget listening to her sing this to herself between the hours of 7 and 8 each night. Reid will be fast asleep and she'll just lay in bed singing this over and over and over again. We love it!


Pa said...

That Nelly! She is a keeper. When you are too frustrated with her, just send her west. We'd love to have her entertain us!

Claudia said...

Oh that cute little Nelly Belly! We LOVE her! They grow way too fast!

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