Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, I better hurry and share some thoughts from our holiday weekend before I forget them.

We spent three nights and days down at Ben's parents place. Which was lovely, since we usually only have time to stay for a day or two. The kids absolutely love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. There is always a flood of tears when it is time to leave.

Ben's brother's family came over for Thanksgiving dinner and Reid and Nell just loved having Allie and Jackson around to play with. Allie and Jackson are each three-years older than their same gendered cousin, but they play so well with my kids. I can't get over how sweet they always are. I know sometimes big kids are too bothered to play with their pesky little cousins, but Reid and Nell idolize these two and I can't blame them. They are so loving toward my children.

On Friday Carol and I took the kids to go see the new Peanuts movie. It was really bleak and slow and I love that about Peanuts. The whole story line could be told in about 7 minutes but they managed to turn it into a 90 minute adventure. Kids are so bombarded with action and off-color humor in today's modern movies -- it was nice to watch something totally absent of any of that. True to Peanut form, adults were also totally absent from the show. I remember loving that about Peanuts when I was a kid. I think it is so important for children to spend a few minutes each day in a world that is void of adult authority.

I also couldn't help but notice how Lucy is such a bully by today's standards. I find that interesting. Fifty years ago I think it was just widely accepted that some kid at your school probably wouldn't like you and might not always act kindly towards you. Lucy and Charlie Brown's relationship reminds you that, that is totally okay. And everyone likes the nice kid better anyway.

Reid ate about 2 pounds of popcorn before the commercials were even over, and when the final one rolled Nell asked if it was the last movie and we could go home now. Ha, I think she isn't quite old enough for the theater just yet. But seriously, some of those commercials are just too long.

On Saturday three generations of Szilagyi men hung Christmas lights. I'm not sure Reid was a lot of help, but he sure was cute standing out there supervising Daddy and Grandpa. He and Nell were both so excited to see the house as we drove away.

This photo is from 2009, but it looks the same -- just without the snow
We had rain and 40 degree temps. Weird. 

All three kids were asleep by the time we hit the freeway at 7pm Saturday night. I guess that's how you know it was a good visit -- major sleep deprivation! 

Back at home, Sunday afternoon, we finally let them put up the little tree that goes in their room. Yes, I'm one of those "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" sort of Moms. But Christmas does begin immediately after Thanksgiving! Once their tree was all done we had a little family council where we each picked one family activity we want to do before the big day arrives. I chose Caroling. Reid wants to decorate gingerbread houses. Nell was super creative: treats and a movie. Ben surprised me when he picked Oshkosh's Festival of Lights. I'd temporarily forgotten about that, so I'm really glad it is on our list. 

With only four must do items, I think we can have a joyful December! Of course, there's also a Christmas card to be made (maybe), presents to buy, projects to make, books to read, two birthdays, family to visit ... ack, how does this season always get so busy? 

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Pa said...

Loved your blog about Thanksgiving, but I loved the saying under Glenn Beck's picture "What a weenie!" even more. So true...

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