Monday, December 7, 2015

Ready to Celebrate

Last Sunday we let the kids decorate a small fake tree we put up in their bedroom. It has been sufficient for our needs (i.e. a place to put our Christmas advent books). This past weekend we ventured out in 40 degree weather for our real tree.

We've been going to the same farm for four years now. Our memories are: first year, Reid had a horrible mouth injury and after an hours long drive we ended up just buying a pre-cut tree at the farm store; second year, horribly freezing cold and miserable (sorry to Rick and Carol, who we drug along with us); third year, some of our favorite pictures of all time; this year, Nell was a little stinker, but overall we enjoyed the beautiful weather and quality family time together. 

We rode on straw bales out to the Balsam Fir fields and searched for the tallest, fullest one we could find. Nell, when she wasn't crying to be carried, called for it like a lost dog. "Here Christmas tree. Where are you?" She's full of so much personality, I love it! 

I had to get in and pull on the tree as Ben was cutting it. As a result Coraline was basically sitting inside our tree and she looked absolutely adorable. I wished I had a free hand for a picture. She was so happy and content, stuck in the middle of a fir. We tried to take a family photo of all of us with our tree before we cut her down, but Nell refused and Reid complained about the sun. We finally stopped trying to include Nell and the tree. That worked out best. 

The place we go to has a small store that serves free hot cider and popcorn. That cheered Nell right up. They also send us a coupon for a free ornament each year. We always stop at Culver's in the nearby town for lunch before heading home.

The best part of this year's trip came as we arrived home. We had already pulled the front part of the van into the garage when we heard Reid asking from the back seat, "what about our Christmas tree?" Ben immediately slammed on the brakes and backed out. We were very grateful he saved our tree and garage from some potentially serious damage. How had we forgotten about our rooftop cargo so quickly?

Anyway, we let the tree get settled into its new home before decorating it Sunday afternoon. Knowing the kids would be anxious to decorate something, we pulled out our gingerbread village kit and got to work. Reid was in heaven, as this is something he's been wanting to do for a long time now. He made the bakery (with lots of help from dad) and Nell made the toy shop (with some help from mom).

Ben, Reid, Nell, and Liz

The backside of their shops.
We ate most of our village after lunch on Saturday -- before putting the ornaments on our tree. I don't have any fancy pictures of the completed tree, but it would be a waste since her beauty is caged anyway. 

The trunk was a bit too wide for our tree holder and despite our best efforts we never could secure her quite perfectly. So, the baby now finds herself on the other side of the baby gate. Hopefully that will be enough to stop her from pulling the tree on top of herself!

This evening I found an extra ornament on her branches. Reid has been super into coloring lately, so I think I just might keep the face of the Empire on our tree for a while. Silly boy.  


Pa said...

Love Reid's ornament! And Nell's calling for the tree!!!

Claudia said...

That is a beautiful tree!! Makes me miss 'the real thing' as we have now moved on to the fake ones! What a cute little gingerbread village to put together. So fun to see you as your own little family, creating Christmas traditions. Makes me homesick for the little house on the prairie and my babies!

Claudia said...

Oh, happy the preschooler was on the ball concerning the cargo on top! That is quite funny!!!

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