Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not a Crafting Mamma

Remember this time last year? When I was basking in the joy of my ABCs of Fall preschool, tailored just for Reid? What ever happened to that mamma? Seriously, how am I still that same person?

Up until last week I had not intentionally crafted with my children for who knows how long. Reid crafts at school. Nell colors at our Church Nursery and the grocery store tot spot. Occasionally I'll encourage them to color at home. I just kept telling myself all of that was sufficient. And I never, never looked at Pinterest (oh pinterest, that place where my ambitions go to die). We have had a long, long, looooong break from crafting in this house.

The guilt must have been getting to me; two weeks ago I decided to change course. One morning I sent the kids out to collect various items from our yard. I wanted to do a little nature craft with them. They were so cute, filling their grocery bag with all their treasures. Meanwhile, I was inside wrestle some contact paper to death. Seriously, one of us was going to die, and there was a minute or two I thought it might be me. It took Reid and Nell about 5 minutes to fill their sack, but it took me about 20 minutes to get the damn contact paper ready for crafting!

And that is when I remembered why we hadn't crafted in so long. But they were pretty proud of their creation and wanted to give it to daddy to hang in his office garbage. So I just took lots of deep breathes and told myself I jumped in a little too deep.

I didn't let the nature craft frustration dissuade me from trying again. For Family Home evening we made some adorable little Thankful Turkeys (I'll share those later), and then yesterday I pulled out the paints (because they were begging for more after our Turkeys) and gave them unstructured, and only partially supervised, paint time. It was perfect; I'd get the dishes done and they'd be too busy painting to find any time for fighting. Technically, I did get the dishes done and they did not fight (with each other anyway -- but these pictures illustrate a battle).


They were pretty pleased with their creation -- which did go straight into the garbage. 

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Pa said...

You're brave or crazy -- maybe both...

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