Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Reid @ 5 years, 1 month

School has been so good for our little Reid. We'd talked about patterns before, and I've always provided a number and letter rich environment. He was curious and somewhat excited, but for whatever reason he just never cared to remember any of it. Formal school magically changed all of that. Now he's all about his letters, numbers, and patterns. And he's actually really good at the later two. His letters aren't too bad, but there are more of them to figure out.

He's started writing his own name and even started writing Nell's name without any of us aiding him. I suppose he's seen it written out enough he just remembered. Technically, he spelled it as Mell on his first try, but the thought and effort sure made me smile.

He pulled his collection out earlier this month. He was so proud of it all, and he categorized it with some pretty good detail. My favorite item in his collection? The rusty nail he dug out of our garden with his little buddy Benny. It just cracks me up that a nail was so exciting he decided he wanted to keep it forever. He also has a pork rib and a mussel shell. Sometimes dinner (and restaurants) are also really exciting. Other items in his collection include a crawfish claw, volcanic rocks from Sugarloaf mountain, a walnut, snail shells, and more. Ben gave him an old tool box and now everything is a little more protected than before (a couple rocks broke a few shells).

My mom sent the kids a couple of pumpkin hats just after his birthday and he was SUPER into being a pumpkin. He loved the days it was cold enough he needed his orange jacket and pumpkin hat. There actually weren't many of them (which I'm thankful for), but he'd ask me almost every day, "do I get to be a pumpkin today?"

He's still such a great little helper. Whether he's outside burning yard waste with dad or inside cooking a mini Thanksgiving dinner with mom, he loves to help! 

Backyard work, Nov 4
Sunday Dinner, Nov 22
Last week I took him and Nell to a Turtle Tots class and I could tell he is kind of out growing it, which is a shame because he's also finally old enough to really grasp cool facts from the lessons. He still really enjoyed himself. What's not to love about a nature hike, pretend play, and an opportunity to make new friends? At one point in our hike (after I'd made him stop to take a photo with the deer) he yelled to his new buddy "Train, train, wait for me. Caboose is coming!" I'm not sure why, but that little line really cracked me up. Train and caboose were quite the pair.

Top left: marking his territory. Bottom right: Can you spot the three deer?

It sure is fun to watch Reid grow. Five is a pretty magical age, and I can't wait to savor more of it through the eyes of my little man. 

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Cute blog. Cute boy.

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