Friday, November 20, 2015

Coraline at 11 Months

I'm finally writing a monthly update at the time of the update! Phew! There is an end in sight. Turning this blog into a journal document of my family life is NOT what I wanted, for this very reason (and others). I feel like I have to play catch up in order to avoid missing important moments. But who really decides which memories are worth preserving? Ah, so complicated. Anyway ....

Patty Lou is a full blown crawler, it happened just shortly after she hit 10 months. She finally realized belly up crawling was faster than the full body drag. She has still managed to throw her own style into her crawl. Her right foot is always flat on the ground, knee up to the side -- rather than the traditional knee down crawl. 

She has become the most pleasant, joyful baby I know. I cannot take her out in public without someone commenting on how smiley she is. Just the other day we went to the park and a father, with his own two small children, stopped in the middle of his play (with his own children) and gave me the most sincere "Wow! She is an adorable baby. Holy cow, she is a happy little thing. You are just the cutest baby I've ever seen." Part of me was like, "whoa buddy, make sure your wife doesn't over hear you saying this!" I'm use to old ladies at the grocery store stopping dead in their tracks to admire her, but a dad with babies of his own? It was quiet the testament of her adorableness. 

She's starting to develop more sass and demand. She'll throw food she doesn't like to the floor or push my arm away and scream when she is done eating. She bawled hysterically a couple of nights until I consented and put her in our bed. Convinced there was really nothing wrong with her, we finally got her to sleep in her crib one night at about 3pm. She's slept in her crib just fine since. I really think she was just putting up a fight for co-sleeping -- and winning. Glad we put an end to it before it was a tough habit to break. I'm always amazed by how clever babies are. They may not have words, but they can figure out a way to communicate their desires without them!

She loves her three fingers -- tall man through pinky -- and can't sleep without them in her mouth. She also really digs her lovey -- a turquoise bunny. She snuggles up with him each time I put her in her crib, and when she wouldn't sleep in the pack and play at Grandma's I really wondered if it was because I forgot to bring Bunny. 

We broke out the baby cage, and she does quiet well in it. She hardly even fusses if Reid and Nell are in the front room playing while she chills in the pen. She's got lots of toys in there and we try to change them out every week or so. There were a few days where she fought it nice and loud, but overall I'd say she's figured out there will be times she has to be confined to the pen and she might as well try and enjoy it. 

She has the most kissable cheeks and the best tolerance for big brother and big sisters rough play. They have to really crowd her space in order to rile her up. I'm pretty convinced she gave me her first kiss this past month, but she made a similar move on Ben and he's convinced she was just trying to eat his food. So who really knows (I didn't have food in my mouth at the time of our kiss). She has started saying Mama and Dada. The first real "Ma-ma" was bright and early one morning, and a clear call/whine for help. It had me jumping out of bed and kissing her all over! 

Well, that's about all I can think of -- so enjoy some pictures of her last month as a baby! I can't believe she'll be one in thirty days!

Just chilling at the Children's Museum (Oct 23).

Don't mind the weird heart on this photo. Ben took it with his phone and in order for me to use it on my blog I have to edit it in some way. So, weird heart it is. Is she not the cutest?

I can't get over her Halloween cute-ness!

Her shy face and her content face. 

She ate a lot of leaves this past month. And she loved every single one of them!

Here's an example of her not being at all bothered by their rowdy play.

Ah!!! I love that round baby belly and little squishy bum!
Oh! I know something I forgot ... she is a peek-a-boo champ. That girl loves a good game of "Where is Coraline?  ... There she is!" She's constantly pulling things over her head when I change her. It is adorable and I soak up every second of it. And I'm going to repeat, I can't believe she'll be one next month! 

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Pa said...

That Patty Lou is a charmer. Maybe it's the diet of leaves! Love that girl...

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