Thursday, February 25, 2016

Teaching the Gospel

One of my favorite things about parenthood is teaching my children the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is so deep and complex and profound in my grown mind, but when I teach it to my children it feels so simple and beautiful and true.

The other day Reid and I were snuggling on the floor when he said something about always being my baby -- no matter how big he gets (I'm training him well). I made some comment like, "Yup, even when you're 65 and I'm ... uh, I'll be gone." Which was a dumb thing to say. He caught on to my implication and started to cry. He cried for sooooo long. Nothing I could say comforted him. It didn't matter that we'd be in heaven together one day because there was still some unknown time period where he'd have live on Earth without me (I didn't even dare tell him there's a small chance that might not be how things pan out).

Even as he started to embrace the idea that we could be together forever, he began to bemoan the idea of having to leave Earth. He went on and on about all the creatures he loves and cool things (volcanoes) he wants to see and wah, wah, heaven doesn't have those things. Heaven is dumb.

I realize this is not sounding like a simple or beautiful story, but just wait.

Later that night we talked about his concerns (more calmly) when Ben was home, and he decided he wanted to say a prayer to help his heart feel happy and safe. He told us he really wished he could see Jesus and that Jesus would tell him we were right. It melted my momma heart. His prayer was so sweet, and he went to bed feeling peace in his own tender heart.

At Church the following Sunday one of the teachers said something about being with our families forever after we die. I sit kitty corner behind Reid and I watched for a reaction, but he didn't seem to have one. He just kept looking forward, eyes on the teacher. A minute or two later I noticed tears rolling silently down his cheek and I asked "Buddy, what's wrong?"

He stood up and came to me for a big hug and sobbed, "I just want to hug Jesus."

Oh that little guy, he has such a tender heart.

That same week he was assigned to give his first primary talk. The topic was Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father created the world for me. We studied and studied and practiced and practiced, and I think he learned a lot and grew in faith by the end.

He came up with his closing testimony all on his own. 

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Pa said...

What a good boy, my Reid is! Must be a chip off the two blockheads he has for parents! I loved his talk. I've watched it over and over. Well done, Reidl Beidl!!

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