Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Third

Darndest thing. You have your first baby and you go all out on your purchases of cute baby clothes. Then you have a baby of a different gender and you do it all over again. And then, with your third child you say "forget it, this baby is going to wear nothing but jammies all day every day!" And ironically, every where you go her outfits get the most compliments you've ever heard. Every woman over 50 has to tell you how cute those "outfits" are and you just laugh and say, "they're her jammies." Then you wonder why you ever bothered with those other clothes.

Seriously, Coraline has worn nothing but fleece footie pajamas for the past three months, and anytime I take her anywhere people comment on her sweet smile and her cute clothes. It's hysterical. I have a drawer full of cute little girl clothes and the five jammies we rotate through are all the rave.

If she gets food or something on her jammies I'll change her into a onsie and some little joggers. But she rarely gets dressed up. Even Church is hit or miss. This last Sunday we took her in her jammies. And after spending 40 minutes wrestling a cranky cry baby we brought her home and put her to bed. 

She's had three separate ear infections and cut more than six new teeth in the last eight weeks. Currently, she is sporting a mouth full of cold sores. She even has two on her fingers (the two fingers she constantly puts in her mouth). My poor baby, she's had a miserable winter. But she's still managed to smile and enjoy life.
And she totally rocks her jammies.  

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Pa said...

Love my Lou. I hope you do find some cute spring clothes and get her used to dressing up. I worry about those mothers who come to school in the pajamas with their hair not combed. I always wonder what kind of mothers they had!!! Lou does need to practice dress-up, my dear daughter!!!

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