Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mother's Day

All month I've meant to write a post about our Mother's Day weekend. Mostly I just want to share this photo and always get a chuckle out of the similarities. Apparently, I'm really good at finding misplaced toys. Priorities, right? Ha, ha!

The kids actually went to their Grandparents for the weekend. As usual, Rick and Carol picked them up and we all went out to dinner together. Near the end of the meal Reid became really needy. When it was time to load them up in Grandma's car he kept asking me if I could come. He reminded me that I'm not that sick anymore, so he didn't need to go again. Then, as we drove away I could hear his big cries. Poor kid. It was bedtime and he was totally fine once he got a good night's sleep, but it still was a little disheartening. Nell and Coraline on the other hand, they drove off all smiles. "See you later mom!"

After that I went straight to another restaurant across town and had drinks and deserts with a small handful of mom friends. As always, we stayed out for hours just chatting about life. It's always so nice to have a mom's night out.

I can't even remember what Ben and I did the next day. He had a church leadership training and I went to the Y. After that we grilled some steaks and completed some errands. It's just so much easier to get things done when you aren't dragging kids along.

Ben spoke in Church on Sunday and his topic was drug addiction. No lie; on Mother's Day. He did an excellent job and I loved listening to him without any kids around to interrupt my thought. The first time I noticed Ben was actually when he was giving a talk in Church more than 10 years ago. He's a great public speaker. He prepares well and ties all his thoughts together nicely. He spoke a little bit about the science of addiction, and I noticed a couple teenagers were really interested. As strange as it was for a Church service talk on Mother's Day, I really think it is a topic Christians/society could spend more time trying to understand.

Meanwhile in Illinois ...

These kids were having the time of their life! They had so many exciting things to tell us when we met up with them Sunday afternoon. They rode a couple of ponies and saw some baby chicks. They made a couple chicken and horse crafts. They had ice cream. They had a BBQ with their cousins (Nell's favorite part, if I remember correctly Reid's favorite part was the baby chicks). They made me some Mother's Day presents at Church. So many things to talk about and share. And Coraline wouldn't get down from my lap, so it was an interesting dinner at the restaurant in Watertown. 

Nell made me the butterfly in Sunbeams class in Illinois. Reid spent a full week working on the flower/vase project at preschool. He was so proud coming off the bus on Friday. It was tied up in a nice brown paper bag with the word "MOM" sponge stamped on it. I opened it right away and hung it on the wall. Nell's butterfly added great character, flying right up there next to it. Now, three weeks later I've finally taken them down. But I'm not sure I can throw them away. They may reappear next Mother's Day. 

I'm never very good at showing my own mother (or mother-in-law) my appreciation on Mother's Day. I don't know why I feel so inadequate in my gratitude, but it is something I need to work on. Next year I vow to send cards and order some flowers ahead of time. Maybe I should put it on the calendar right now!

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Pa said...

Fun times. Happy Mother's Day!

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