Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fifteen Year Reunion

It's been fifteen years since I graduated High School. Wow, 15 years! There was no formal reunion, so I tried to gather some of my own. About a month before heading out to Utah I let all my most favorite friends know when I'd be around. Some of them really wowed me by going out of there way to see me while I was in Delta. 

First, I had lunch with Maci (Sorensen) Hunt and Jen (Hill) Brodrick at Leo's. We sat and talked for three or four hours. I hadn't seen either of them for about three years, Jen even longer. We had a lot to catch up on and it was so fun to see them all grown and thriving. I know that may sound silly, but it was. I love how successful all my friend's have become. We've each experienced our own challenges, but I can say those two women have held their heads up high and made good things happen in their lives. They are definitely the kind of women I'd still choose to be friends with today. 

I was so bummed the next day when I realized I'd missed a chance to meet with them and our three other best friends at Denny's in Nephi that night. It's what we did on our last night together before we all left Delta, 15 years ago. 

A couple days later Heidi Draper walked over to my parents house after a Father's Day visit to her Dad. There aren't enough good words for Heidi. She is all that is right in the world. Seriously. I just love her and I know she has impacted so many lives. It amazes me just to think about it. 

I already mentioned hanging out at Ali (Nickle) Hughes' house after our museum stops in Lehi. I just knew I could stay there all night, chatting away with this old HS bestie. I feel like I see Ali pretty regularly during my Utah stops, but I usually catch up with her and someone else at the same time. It was nice to have her all to myself this trip. She truly has impacted my life more than almost any teenage/young-adult friend. 


A few days before I came back to Wisconsin I met Haley (Petersen) Skeem for lunch. I honestly became emotional on the simple car ride from my parents house to the restaurant. Like Jen, I haven't seen Haley in four or five years. But that wasn't the reason for my emotion. Just before I went to Utah we found out we are having a third little girl. I'm a little heartbroken for Reid, as I know how frustrating it can be to feel like "the only" in your sibling line up. But Haley made that burden so much easier during my younger years. She was my sister. The moment I saw her I told her how emotional I felt, "I have to find Reid his Haley!" I said as we embraced. 


It's funny, because as close as we were there were bound to be some tiffs. At one point one of us mentioned how bad we felt for all the rotten things we did to the other in our youth and the other just laughed and said "I've thought the same thing from time to time." I can't remember which of us brought it up first, but it's funny how we each thought of our own moments of weakness and totally confessed to not remembering ever feeling like the other was at fault. But seriously, as close as we were we were bound to snap at each other and play mean tricks from time to time. She really was my sister. I love her beyond words. 

I was sad I missed a handful of other really special friends, and I'll be sure to put them on the top of my hit list for my next visit. It's nice to know that even 15 years later, I enjoy reconnecting with old friends when I go "home" for a visit. Surely that's a sign of a rich childhood that was blessed with spectacular friendships. 

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