Tuesday, August 2, 2016


During the last week of July Oshkosh is always transformed into one of the busiest sky's in the world. This isn't an exaggeration. During EAA's AirVenture the Oshkosh control tower is the busiest tower in the world. And nearly all those planes stay right here in the sky that covers our beautiful valley.

I think Ben has gone with his dad every year we've lived here, but this year was my (and Nell and Coraline's) first. It's a pretty cool event and I wish it were easier to explore it all -- I think I'd have to go without kids for that to happen. Reid loves it and is a real trooper despite all the heat. Ben and I had to leave early with the little girls. Nell actually came down with hand-foot-mouth while we were there (Reid began that on Thursday).

The girls were testing out the new wagon before we loaded up and headed out. 

You can tell Reid's hand-foot-mouth was pretty mild. This was day 3, which is suppose to be the worst day. 
My favorite plane there was probably the cargo plane. It was HUUUUGE. I wish they had tours for the public, but they didn't. I can't even describe how big it was. Another cool stop was the Federal Building. They had kiosks for the National Parks (featuring the Wright Brothers), Coast Guard, Air Force, National Weather Center, and more. There was a tornado simulator and a couple other interesting things.

The War planes were a top spot to check out. As a group, they were definitely the most exciting to look at. Reid loved checking them out.

And the air show for that day was made up of WWII aircraft. That was pretty cool to see. Unfortunately, this was when Ben and I decided to take the little girls home. Reid was happy to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, as he wasn't about to leave before seeing a couple bombs drop.

Because of the kids sickness we had to skip Church, so that gave us a great chance to go out to the seaplane base and check out that portion of EAA. I'm telling you, airplanes take over this whole city.

The highlight of the whole weekend was simply having Grandma and Grandpa with us for a full 48 hours. The kids were in heaven. 

Popping bubbles with a jet plane, of course.

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Pa said...

Fun, fun, fun. Gotta see the air show sometime before you move to D-town!

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