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Last week I was going to write up a post about each of my kids, but then time slipped by me and this week brings a whole new month. So it's time to recap our July (but I did get one about Lou written, back here). I can't believe we are already in August. That means only one month of summer left!

I started the month with a baby bump photo. Here we are on July 1st, four months to go!

The kids snuggled up on the couch and watched TV while I went through all of Reid's old clothes (that's all the stuff on my bed/floor etc) and got them ready to sale on facebook. 

This girl loves snuggling her babies. 

Plus, Nell was sick on the 5th, so we just took it easy for a few days. 

We also celebrated our 10th anniversary and the 4th of July, back here. And of course, the search for our new van was in full swing (back here).

Once Nell was feeling better we got back into our play routine. I love how well Reid and Nell play together. They were very excited about the picnic they set up for me in the basement. We also read our chapter book snuggled up in the tent.

Nell drew her first picture of our whole family. If you are wondering why there are only four of us, it is because I am holding Coraline. We also made it back to the YMCA so I could swim and the kids could enjoy the drop in care (probably the reason we've had so many sickies this summer -- but still totally worth it).

My pictures from the second week of July are pretty lame. But I suppose that captures a rather ordinary week in the life of the Szilagyi's.

After being drug around to two different pregnancy/errand appointments these kids were spent. This is how they rode around in the back of Ben's car for almost two weeks. What troopers.

While I mowed the lawn Reid rescued a baby toad. He was pretty excited and I was impressed with his detail to gentle care. Yes, Nell wears ear phones while I mow the lawn.

One day I came home from the YMCA and plopped the kids down on the couch while I quickly made their lunches. I wasn't quick enough though, as Lou fell right to sleep.

We finally got our van that Thursday so we took it down to Illinois on Friday. Ben and I wanted to get one last Temple visit in before they closed it for cleaning. Rick and Carol agreed/offered to watch the kids for most of Saturday and Sunday. Here's some photos of the fun things they did with Grandma and Grandpa. 

At a local petting zoo, which sounded pretty exotic. Reid got to pet an alligator!

Swimming with the cousins at Uncle Brian and Aunt Jamie's community pool. Reid went off the high dive!

All ready for bed after a super fun day. 
During the third week of July we bought our big box of peaches (details back here), and spent a lot of time trying  to keep cool with the aid of our kiddie pool and some homemade popsicles. 

Also, Reid started his one and only rec department activity for the summer: Sports of all Sorts. He really enjoyed all the play time, despite the scorching hot sun. I took the girls down the street to a park (or Target) each day. We also found time to watch him in a few of his games. 

I scored lots of adorable pictures of Lou during  this week. Check them out:

So proud of herself for following along during family scripture study. 

Trying to beat the heat, and in need of a diaper change.

Dug through the outside toy bucket and insisted on these.
Nell had a couple of neat accomplishments this week. We went on a bike ride down our street and she didn't need any help the entire time. It was a first, that's for sure. 

She also made a big beautiful sidewalk chalk design. 

On Saturday we had a couple of friends over for a BBQ. The little kids loved playing together and spent the full two hours splashing in our pool and running around our yard. It's always fun to have a couple of extra little friends around. 

The next week was similar. We went to Sports of all Sorts each morning, tried to cool off with fresh fruit and some nice (hot) rain, went to the library and YMCA, did some grocery shopping -- you get the picture.  We've had pretty simple weeks around here this July.  

They wanted Watermelon but I deem it too messy to eat inside, so they agreed to enjoy it in the rain. Does this make me a mean mom?
We started the week screen free but when Reid caught hand-foot-mouth on Thursday we quickly changed our tune, so Lou and I got lots of snuggles on the couch that afternoon (while Reid was suffering).

Nell was pretty proud of her temple building, "take a picture for daddy to see my temple!"

And Lou entertained us with her silly antics. I just love the 18 month old stage, it is so adorable!

I already documented our weekend with Grandma and Grandpa at Air Venture, back here. But that post didn't include this adorable picture of Lou enjoying her ice cream cone. We knew Nell was really getting sick when she took two bites of her cone and then insisted on just going back to sleep on Grandma.

July really was so simple, it flew by really fast, it started and ended with little bouts of illness, and it squeezed in lots of quality family time. The perfect summer month (even with the sickies). 

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Summer fun, fingers, slippers and a cute little belly bump!!!

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