Monday, September 19, 2016

Still My Sweet Little Boy

Since starting Kindergarten, it has been impossible to ignore just how grown up Reid really is. Each day I notice the massive length of his body. I notice the pride in his eyes, as he is the first family member to walk out of the house in the morning -- out into a world that is all his own. I notice the big new words he uses. Every day I am forced to realize just how grown up my little boy really is.

Today, I was forced to recognize how sweet and little he still may be.

When he came home from school Nell and I had an after school craft waiting. Around lunch time I suggested she be in charge of our family home evening activity. I then showed her a stash of pearler beads and explained we could all make bracelets/necklaces. Much to my surprise, her delight quickly turned into a breakdown. We had to make those things RIGHT NOW! There was no waiting for FHE. The best I could do was to get her to wait two hours for Reid. I thought he might be disappointed if we did it without him. I never would have imagined how enthusiastic he'd actually be when she took him to the table and showed him our collection of beads.

The pure joy on his face immediately reminded me of how little he really is. They started singing and dancing about making jewelry. He didn't even notice every bead I had was girly (neon colors, sparkly pearls, butterflies, hearts, etc). He was so eager to pick out his design. But before we started anything he told us he had to go get Polar Bear, because Polar Bear didn't want to miss out on the fun.

As the activity went on, we learned it was Polar Bear's birthday. This meant Reid needed to make him a necklace and bracelet too. I can't even pretend to recreate the sweetness that was filling my dinning room in this brief moment. We were simply making bracelets, enjoying a craft. Nothing spectacular. Yet my heart was so full. There was my little boy. My sweet, sweet little boy. The one whose imagination is always running wild. The boy who loves snuggling his mom and sisters. The little boy who once cried in a clothing store because they didn't make anything sparkly in the boy section. That sweet little boy -- in all his grown up glory -- was right in front of me.

And I loved every minute of it.

"Oh, I have to make a happy roar."

A genuine smile, so hard to capture in posed pictures!

There's that happy roar again! Notice, Nell copied his idea and made Panda some jewelry and Coraline is copying his roar.  Love them all!

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Mom said...

Yes Reid is a sweetheart! We LOVE him!

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