Friday, September 16, 2016

Backyard Campout

To kick off the Labor Day Weekend (I know, late post), we had a little campfire and camp out in our very own backyard. After dinner, as Ben and I were pushing the kids on the swings, I gazed out across my lawn and just thought about how thankful I am for our little piece of property. Honestly, the thing I love most about our house is the yard. That may sound like a stretch -- I obviously love the shelter and the A/C and the running water, etc, etc, blah, blah. But the backyard (so big!) and location (so quiet!) are my favorite things. 

I mean, check out these two photos, both taken in the middle of our yard, facing opposite directions --do you see how far away our neighbors are? 

I love it! It feels like freedom, like heaven. It's still nothing compared to the open space of my own childhood, but it sure beats a smashed up suburb. 

Anyway, about the camp out. The boys were on fire duty, Coraline was on watermelon duty (I think that is all she ate), and Nell stayed out in the tent the whole night through! Leading up to the event, every time we'd talk about their big camp out she'd tell me she was going to come inside to sleep with me, but once she got in the tent I think the excitement of it all crushed any fear she had. Plus, she had Daddy and Panda to protect her. 

They were pretty happy kids. And with the exception of our rock hard soil, I think Ben had a good night too!

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Mom said...

You do have a lovely yard and nice neighborhood! What a fun family night! Way to go mom and dad . Creating memories to last a lifetime!

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