Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Big Girl

I'm constantly thinking about things I want to write down about my Lou B Dou. Then I feel bad my other kids don't get their own special posts. But let's get real, they had plenty when they were 1 1/2 and she wasn't even around. So it's all good. 

This little cutie transitioned into a toddler bed at the end of August. It was rough for about three or four nights, but now her sleep has actually improved (it was never that great in the crib). I think she loves sharing a room with her big brother and sister. She even started going in there for her clothes when I still had them in the nursery. She'd basically get them out of her nursery drawers but then go in their room to change with them. It was too cute. Big girl is so over the nursery!

I love the way she shouts "Da-ee!" every time Ben comes home. She also wanders around the house a bit each morning, looking humbly every corner for "Da-ee? Da-ee?" I can't quite figure that out. He comes home sporadically for lunch, so I think she has a hunch that her magic powers can summon him from time to time.  She loves her "WEED" too and has now started calling Nell "Bop!" instead of Weed II. I love hearing her holler for Nell, "S go Bop, go," when we are out and about together. 

She's been a little behind with her language, so she's just now starting to do animal sounds. Our favorites are her "quack" and her "roar." I really need to get a video of her "quack quack" it is hilarious! She is over the moon excited anytime she sees a photo of a bear. Reid and Nell each have a beloved stuffed animal bear, and I think she has grown her own attachment to the bear family through them. 

Speaking of animals, we went to our small local zoo last week and she could not get enough of all the caged creatures. She screamed at the wolves, shrieked when the Elk were released for their lunch, and shrilled the entire time we were checking out the big birds. 

She still loves playing in puddles and swings -- easily her two favorite things to do when we are outside. Yesterday I watched a couple of extra kids for a friend and I had to laugh that Coraline was running around with Nell and the four-year-old instead of the two-year-old (who is her exact same size). She definitely thinks she is one of the big kids.

She has a pretty cute "Eese!" whenever I holler at her to look at my phone. If she gets her own hands on it she squishes it up against her nose and says "Eese!" to whoever is near by. I still can't tell if she is pretending she is the photographer or the image, but the smile that accompanies it is adorable!

Her "nigh-night" and "byee!" are also adorable. She is especially loving to Reid as he leaves for the bus each morning. Once the door is shut she stands at the window and waves "byee!" until he drives away. It is adorable! We also swoon over her "ank-ew," and she's pretty good to utter those two words whenever anyone helps her out or gives her something she wants. 

Speaking of things she wants. The girl is obsessed with popsicles. I've been making my own this summer and I think I've somehow conditioned her to go the freezer and beg for one everyday at about 3:00 pm. It'd be a cute little habit if she didn't cry hysterically anytime I tell her no. She's even earned a couple of timeouts over the whole ordeal. 

Okay seriously, I just scrolled up to check out all the photos I added to this over the course of the day (posts always take a sitting or two nowadays) and I am dying. This little girl of ours is the cutest toddler I've ever seen. Seriously! 

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