Thursday, October 6, 2016

Little Farmer

According to the Facebook Memory timeline, we went to Little Farmer for the very first time four years ago. Nell was brand spanking new and Reid wasn't even two yet.

I've gone every year since (again with Ben in 2013, with a friend and her two littles in 2014, and with just the three kids last year). And today, I took the three little kids again. Don't tell Mr and Mrs Bassett, but I took Reid out of school 30 minutes early so we could enjoy as much warm (70 degree) daylight as possible before the mosquitos took over.

He was pretty excited about my (second) surprise appearance at his school (more on that first one later -- or maybe not -- maybe I'll just keep you guessing). When I caught him in the hall outside his classroom he quickly asked where we were going and I told him. Before I could stop him he ran back to his class door and poked his head in and declared, "we're going to the apple orchard!" I heard his teacher crack some joke about apple babies and I couldn't help but wonder if, prior to his announcement, she thought maybe we'd had a baby. Ha!

Once every three weeks (random, I know) he has an early release day. I'd told them all week that on his early release day (yesterday) we'd go to the apple orchard. But then it decided to rain the moment he was let out from school! So when today's temps were so magnificently wonderful, I just had to go.

My kitchen is packed full of apples and I know I'm going to tire of making sauce and rings by the time Sunday rolls around, but this afternoon was magical. I loved taking my three little kids on a surprise adventure. And I always love the treats at Little Farmer. Yum!

Notice Reid on the tricycle in the background. Once we hit that playground he took off and I hardly saw him. He was a sweaty mess by the time we left to go see the other parts of the farm and to pick our apples. 

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